#VanLife - Camping Package

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The day prior to Delivery and Return, we will contact you, or your property manager to confirm the best Delivery Time within your selected delivery hour. Or, if you require a delivery time adjustment, as we know plans often change. If you would like delivery today, please call/text 808-281-5259 to confirm availability.

Kahului Auto Sales & Rentals and Maui Vacation Equipment Locker Pickup are located on the same property at 59 Hookele Street, Kahului, HI. 

You may rent their Dodge Caravan with seats taken out by contacting them at (808) 283-2827. Pricing is approx, $300 per week. 

In coordination with your van rental, you may also order this package (or create your own). At checkout, select "Locker Pickup" and your items will then be placed in a locker next to your rented van. 

Package includes: Two Sleeping Bags, Two Sleeping Pads, Two Pillows, One Cooler, One Lantern, and Two Beach Chairs.

Note: Rental Van make, model and year may vary.