Amazing Baby Product Inventions You Can Use

There are some amazing baby products being introduced every day by everyone from independent mothers to large corporations. Below are three of our favorites you may find helpful for travel or home! 


To keep your baby calm, its a good idea to have them constantly looking at mom or dad. This is an incredible idea of the best use of seat space while flying to Maui.

The only way flying could be more enjoyable is if you left the baby at home.


Doodle & Co.

Pop your pacifier in and out as needed for home or travel. Add a pacifier clip to this invention and you have the perfect flight proof pacifier.  With a push or baby suckle, the nipple extends back out. 

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Ba Baby Bottle Holder

Is your baby in the stage where they cant quite get a grip on things? This innovative design allows babies to easily grasp their bottles.

The ingenious design allows babies to easily hold their bottles.

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