Maui Vacation Equipment - FAQ

Q. How does it work?

A. It's simple. Pick an item you want to rent from the ‘MAUI VACATION RENTAL COLLECTION’. Add the dates and times you would like the items delivered and picked up at your accommodations from the 'CALENDAR'  and then select  ’ADD TO CART’. You may then continue to shop and add items to your cart as you please. Once you are finished shopping you will enter billing information and where you would like your items to be delivered, or select one of our Self Service Locker pickup locations. That's it! Quick and easy! If you do not receive an order confirmation within 2 hours of payment, please contact us.

Q. Is there a minimum number of days I need to rent items?

A. With the exception of camping gear, which has no minimum, there is a 4 day minimum for rental equipment. 

Q. What if my trip gets canceled due to government restrictions?

A. You will receive a 100% refund.

Q. Are there any resorts or vacation rentals we can't have our items delivered to? 

A. No, but the Kaanapali Alii, and the Marriott Maui Ocean Club Kaanapali, will not accept vendor items on the day of guest checkin, so we would need to deliver the items the day after your arrival. Alternatively, we can have any items available at our Lahaina Locker Location if you prefer to have any items available to you on the date of checkin.

Q. How do I add items to my order?

A. By simply placing and additional order, as we are unable to charge your card on file at this point in the transaction. Once we receive the second order, we will combine them. Additionally, if your second order is under the $35 minimum, you may ignore the prompt to continue shopping if the order is under $35 and go ahead and process the order. 

Q. May I have items delivered to my accommodations and then return them to the lockers, or vise versa?

A. Yes. At checkout you may select either method for delivery and return. Mix and match however you prefer. We will confirm address and locker delivery with you again the day before your delivery and return, so the details will not be missed. Locker discount codes do not apply to these orders. 

Q. How much is delivery and pick up?

A. Delivery and pick up are FREE to all areas of the island on all rentals over $150. No delivery available to Hana. 

Q. Do I need to be present for delivery and pick up?

A . It depends on the items you have rented and the place you are staying during your vacation in Maui. In many cases we have the items already delivered for you on your arrival. We will confirm this on your followup confirmation e-mail.

Q. Can I have different drop off and pickup locations?

A . Yes. You will be asked at checkout if you have two different addresses during your Maui Vacation. You will be prompted to enter both addresses at checkout if its your preference. 

Q. What is "Worry Free Coverage"?

A. Its coverage for loss or damage of rented items. On each rental product page, you may select 'No' or 'Yes' above the Calendar of you would like the coverage. You will see a slight increase in price if you elect to have the Worry Free Coverage. Please see Worry Free Coverage page for specific coverage details.

Q. Can we have multiple delivery days and/or pickup days? Can we have our rental items moved in the middle of our vacation to a new location?

A.Yes. Your order includes 1 free delivery trip to drop your items off and 1 free pickup trip. If you would like an additional delivery and/or pickup time, please email us with further details of dates and locations at This includes if you will need to have your order picked up and delivered to a new location part way through your vacation. Once we have received this information, we will reply with a quote for any additional pickup or delivery fees. Once you approve, we will then send you an email invoice with a payment button for the quoted amount.

Q. Should I book my Maui vacation rentals in advance or can I book once I arrive?

A. We always suggest booking items as soon as you have your vacation dates and accommodation booked to ensure you reserve the exact products you want. A small number of our items are on limited stock and its first come first served. We also often have limited delivery times if items are ordered close to, or on your arrival date.

Q. May I return my rental items before my scheduled return date?

A. Yes, you may return rentals early, but we do not refund for early return of items.

Q. Can we order and receive rental items the same day? 

A. Yes, same day delivery is based on availability. We make every attempt to fulfill same day orders dependent on stock levels and delivery schedules.  

Q. How is payment taken and will there be any surprise costs?

A. The full value of the rental cost is taken at booking. We offer a clear and honest pricing policy. Other than the Hawaii State tax (4.167%), the price you see on the product page is what you pay. 


Q. What if I don’t know the address where I'm staying during my vacation in Maui?

A. No problem. As soon as you know the address either e-mail or call and we will add the address to our route to meet your preferred delivery location.


Q. When should I have items delivered and picked up?

A. We always suggest having your rental items delivered prior to your arrival, or on the first full day after you arrive.

For pick up we suggest anytime during the last full day of your vacation. Most hotels and Vacation Rentals ask for 10 a.m. check out and it can get hectic if you are running late.


Q. Will I need to ask the hotel or Vacation Rental owner if we can use rental items?

A. All of our rental items are domestic type goods that you could normally find in any home. If in any doubt, please check with your accommodation provider. We are happy to answer any questions you or they may have. 


Q.What is the cost to reschedule my rental item(s)?

A. $10


Q. What are your hours for delivery and pick up?

A. We offer delivery and pickup from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily, to your address or agreed meeting location. Deliveries are made in all weathers unless deemed by Maui Vacation Equipment to be too dangerous due to weather extremes i.e. hurricane, flood, high winds, etc. Should re-delivery be required for any reason pertaining to the clients responsibilities i.e. wrong address given, client unavailable etc. we reserve the right to charge a missed delivery charge of $65. 


Q. Is there a maximum limit on the value of the rentals we allow?

A. No.


Q. Are the rental items exactly as shown in each photo?

A. We are always renewing our Maui vacation rentals inventory with new products, so you may not receive the exact item you see in the photo. 


Q. What happens at delivery?

A. We will arrive and unload your items. If assembly is involved (i.e. baby crib) or they need setting up, we will do that for you. If for any reason it looks like we may miss your preferred delivery slot we will always attempt to contact you. This is very rare. 


Q. What happens at pick up?

A. We arrive and load the items. If there is dis-assembly we will do that quickly and be on our way. If for any reason it looks like we may miss your preferred pick up slot we will always attempt to contact you. This is very rare. 


Q. What happens if there is a fault with an item?

A. Call us as soon as you find the problem and we will exchange it at the earliest convenience. 


Q. Can I extend a Maui vacation rental?

A. Of course you can. Just let us know at least 24 hours prior to pick up otherwise fees may be incurred. The daily rate will be charged immediately for the extended timescale.


Q. Can I cancel a rental?

A. Yes. Please click, Worry Free Coverage to see our cancellation policy with, and without coverage. To cancel on delivery date, please call and text 808-909-2211.  

Q. Are items cleaned after rentals?

A. All items are fully cleaned and sanitized after each and every rental cycle. Since Covid-19, we also Electrostatic spraying and UV-C lights to sterilize all equipment. Particular care and attention is paid to baby items where we undertake thorough procedures to ensure ultimate hygiene. We only rent items that we would be happy to rent to our own friends and family. 


Q. What if I have a specific item in mind and it's not in your rental list?

A. Contact Maui Vacation Equipment with details of exactly what you are looking for and we will try and help. Chances are if you like it, other people will and it can join our Maui vacation rental inventory.


Q. How can I contact you? 

  1. You can e-mail us or call (808) 909 2211.