Maui Vacation Equipment - Beach & Snorkeling Tips

Here are a few quick Maui beach and snorkeling tips for anyone looking forward to maximize the fun.
  • Protect your lips from the sun with 30 SPF lip balm or higher.
  • Never leave your valuables unattended at the beach.
  • Maui’s trade winds typically arrive daily at 10am. 
  • Don't forget to sunscreen your feet. 
  • The coral reef is a living organism and standing on the reef could break a piece off, or kill the corals polyps.
  • Check to see if your sunscreen is water resistant.
  • The Hawaiian sun is strongest between 11am - 2pm.
  • Be careful of crashing waves and ocean currents. Even if there are no breaking waves, the ocean current can be strong. Ask a lifeguard for tips.
  • Ocean tides during the day can change the sea level by 3 feet (.9 meters), so make sure you don't have your valuables too close to the waters edge.
Now get out there and have fun on your vacation in Maui!