Indispensable Baby Beach Gear In Maui

Sometimes all you need is the right baby beach gear on Maui to make every second at the beach a remarkable one. Most times when you think of going to the beach with your baby, you’d probably imagine your toddler peacefully napping under an umbrella as the gentle breeze of the ocean blows back and forth.

But in reality, chances are you’ll end up dealing with sandy diapers and an infant screaming just to get your attention while you’re having fun! Thankfully, having the right baby beach gear on Maui can change all that.

Some favorite baby beach gear on Maui includes a range of ideas from parents who have actually beach-tested these items with their own kiddos. Chances are you already own some of these baby beach gears and if you don’t, there’s nothing to worry about. You can rent a range of baby beach gear on Maui for a remarkable time out on the beach with your baby.

Essential Baby Beach Gear on Maui

1. Baby Beach Toys

Left to themselves, there’s only so much a baby can do at the beach and most often than not, they are too young to choose how to have fun. You’ll do yourself and your baby a whole lot of good by bringing some beach toys to keep your baby entertained. Good news is you don’t have to bother about buying these toys, you can rent baby beach gear on Maui which include beach toys.  

2. Beach Tent

If your baby is less than six months old, you should keep him or her in a shade rather than put sunscreen on your adorable one. Umbrellas and tents are user-friendly solutions as shades as long as you find one that is portable and strong enough to withstand the ocean breeze. You don’t have to worry about how or where to get one, you can rent beach tents on Maui. You can even rent a tent that’s big enough for your entire family so anyone can spend time with the baby under the shade.

baby beach gear

3. Baby-friendly sunscreen

If your baby is older than six months, it is recommended to get a high SPF that’s produced for babies to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Before buying any sunscreen check to make sure it contains ingredients that are absolutely safe for babies. Chemical sunscreens can trigger skin irritations and cause other health risks. So, go for a good organic sunscreen brand or a mineral sunscreen that is baby-friendly.

4. Chairs and an umbrella

Chairs and an umbrella are very important baby beach gear on Maui you shouldn’t overlook. No matter how much you love swimming, you’d definitely take a swim break at some point to attend to your baby. This is when you’ll have to pitch your own umbrella and then relax on your own lawn chairs. You can rent chairs and umbrella in Maui rather than worry about bringing these items from home.

5. Towels and a blanket

There’s so much you can do with towels and a blanket. You can use towels to dry off and keep your baby warm when you take a swim break. With a lightweight blanket, your baby can take a nap while on the beach as the blanket will serve as a useful protective cover. Towels and blankets are among the most useful baby beach gear on Maui.