Advice for Taking Your Baby to the Beach on Maui

Taking your baby to the beach on Maui is certainly a reason to be excited! And if this is your first baby beach outing, then you're definitely in for a cool treat!

But how do you prepare for a day with your baby at the beach on Maui?

Here's a short guide on what to do, what to bring along and what to plan for if you're taking your child to the beach on the island for the first time.

Maui Beach with baby

How to prepare for a day with your baby at the beach on Maui?

The first thing you need to do to prepare for a day with your baby at the beach on Maui is to make sure you have all the essentials on hand.

If you already know you're going to spend time at beach with the little one, make sure you 'do your homework' in advance. Make a list of what your baby needs and, if there's anything you can bring from home for your child, don't forget to pack it.

If there are things that you cannot bring along with you, don't worry. Make sure you search for the best baby equipment rentals on Maui and book your baby items when you arrive on Maui.

What should you pack for a day at the beach with a baby?

Not sure what you need to bring with you for a day at the beach with your kid? Don't worry. Here's a list of all the essentials you should pack for, say... a 1 day trip.

Beach mat - so you can sit comfortably with your baby in the sand;
Shade cabana - so you can protect yourself and your baby from the UV rays;
Towels - after bathing in the sea, your baby may get cold, make sure you have enough towels;
Beach toys - so that your baby will have something to play with in the sand;
Sunscreen - a must for the beach;
First-aid kit - it's better to be safe than sorry;
Formula and water for your baby - maintain your baby's feeding schedule, even at the beach, and keep him hydrated;
Swimwear - the term swimwear may be inappropriate for a baby... so let's call them swim diapers! Don't forget to pack them for your little one;
Cool bag - make sure your food, snacks and water stay cool and fresh;
Baby beach bag - of course, everything needs to fit in somewhere, so bring a baby beach bag with you.

What to do with a baby on the beach on Maui?

It's unlikely that your baby will want to stay put and get a tan. But don't worry, there are plenty ways to keep your little one entertained.

If you bring along a set of beach toys, you'll have the perfect way to keep your little one busy playing in the sand. Playing with the sand itself can be a ton of fun as well, especially for a small child.

If you plan on taking your baby "for a swim", don't forget to be extra careful. Babies tend to want to explore everything fast, so make sure you supervise your child attentively all the time and of course, don't let your baby near the water if another adult isn't around.