Baby Camping Equipment on Maui - 9 Useful Items to Rent

Looking forward to going camping with the family but you're not sure what baby camping equipment on Maui you should rent?

It's not uncommon for parents to worry about what items they should bring from home for their baby and which items they can book here on the island. Don't worry though, our team at Maui Vacation Equipment has got you covered!

Keep reading to find out what baby camping equipment on Maui you can rent, so you can stop worrying and pack lighter the next time you go on an island vacation.

Camping baby rentals

1. Rent your own camping equipment on Maui

First things first: rent a family camping essentials package for your trip. If you'd like to have a great time and sleep comfortable when going camping, you can rent your very own tent, sleeping bags, lantern and other essentials.

2. Before renting any baby camping equipment on Maui, think about a car seat

How do you plan on getting to the camping site? Rent a car seat for your baby so you can keep your little one safe until you get to your destination.

3. Get a baby carrier hiking backpack for your trip 

If you plan on going on a hike, you can definitely take your baby with you! Our carrier hiking backpacks make for the ideal baby camping equipment on Maui you should rent!

4. Renting a diaper pail for your baby will come in handy

Traveling with a baby means finding a place to put away the ol' smelly diapers. Keep everything contained in a practical, scent resistant diaper pail! Rent one for your trip and we can guarantee you won't be sorry!

5. Rent a set of beach toys for your baby

If you plan on camping near the beach, you can rent a set of beach toys for your baby. This will keep the little one busy while you can finally find some time to relax!

6. Rent a baby bouncer chair for when you go camping on Maui

If your child loves their baby bouncer at home, why not replicate the experience in vacation as well? You can rent a vibrating baby bouncer for your stay and soothe your baby if he or she has trouble taking their nap.

7. There's no need to bring your little one's training potty from home

Interrupting your potty training routine can have consequences. But there's no need to actually carry your training potty from home. You can rent one for as little as $3 a day so your baby can "go" even when camping.

8. Renting a cooler for your camping days is essential

Although a cooler is not your typical baby camping equipment on Maui, it's still an important item to rent for your trip. It will help keep your drinks, food and your baby's milk cool as you go out and about on your trip.

9. A cookware set will allow you to cook a proper meal for you and your baby

Does your little one eat solid food yet? Aside from your baby camping equipment on Maui, consider renting a cookware set so you can prepare a hot meal for you and for your little one.