Why You Need A Baby Float on Maui

Do you need a baby float on Maui?

You may not be aware, but infants are born with the ability to swim. The swimming and dive reflex are two sophisticated swimming reflexes in infants that account for this. The former indicates that your baby can support themselves in the water while tummy-side down and moving their arms and legs in a swimming motion, while the latter indicates that your baby can hold their breath and open their eyes underwater.

However, your baby will need some time to get used to being in the water, which is why you need a baby float on Maui. For starters, check out this baby float with a sun canopy. You can get all the baby float you need from Maui Vacation Equipment Rentals.  

Key Benefits of A Baby Float on Maui 

The advantages of our baby float on Maui and early water play for your baby are as follows:

Love of Water

It's easier and safer to expose your baby to be comfortable while in the water before they develop a fear of it. So when it's time for them to start taking proper swimming lessons, the entire learning will be so much fun and easier. After all, no parent wants to be the one who has to drag a yelling child into the pool during class. With a baby float on Maui, your baby can easily and safely get used to being in the water. If you're going to the beach, learn about the best beach items for a baby on Maui

Cognitive Development

You shouldn't hold on to your baby at all times. Babies can actually learn to control their bodies. Babies can quickly learn that their body moves backward as they push off the side of the tub. While this is absolutely basic for adults, it's a crucial lesson in cause and effect for infants. With the baby float on Maui, your baby can see their hands and feet move through the water, learning that they have the freedom to touch and move things as they please and which motions make this possible.

baby float on Maui

Social Development

You can enjoy spending time with your baby in the water to improve their social development. With the baby float on Maui, you can interact and play with your baby face-to-face and at eye level. More so, even if you decide not to get too close, they will be looking at you with grins as you observe them floating in the water.

Lowers Stress

Even for newborns who have never participated in any form of "swim class," being in the pool with mom has a pleasant and relaxing effect. You might assume that taking your child to the pool is extremely stressful. When testing the cortisol levels of infants between the ages of 6 and 13 months before and after their time spent in the pool, researchers were able to learn more about this. With a baby float on Maui, you can easily help your baby stay calm and relaxed. 

Motor Development

Several studies have shown that babies who had the chance to experiment with their motions in the water at a younger age had more developed motor abilities than other infants of the same age. Once you get a baby float on Maui, you can start spending time with your little one in the water to improve their motor abilities. 

Linguistic Development

With the baby float on Maui, you can now interact with your child while they are floating in the water. Also, your baby's vocabulary can easily increase as they are exposed to new command words like "come here," "turn around," and others that parents generally save for when their kids start walking.