Must - Have Baby Gear Rental on Maui for a Longer Stay

Are you worried about packing too much for your trip to Maui? Carrying around a lot of heavy suitcases can turn into a hassle. But if you look into baby gear rental on Maui, you can quickly forget about paying extra for your airport luggage and enjoy the luxury of the essential baby items being delivered to your door at your vacation rental!

That said, here's a list of the most important items you should rent for your baby if you plan a longer stay on Maui.

Baby Gear Rentals in Maui

Baby gear rental on Maui: 10 essential items to get for your stay

1. A car seat is the most important baby gear rental on Maui

If you plan a longer island stay, chances are you'll rent a car for your vacation. If that's the case, you should look into car seat rentals for your baby so that you can keep him safe for the entire duration of your trip.

2. Rent a baby crib if it will help your baby sleep

Is your baby used to sleeping in a crib at home? Don't break that habit and rent a baby crib for your little one.

3. Rent a baby bouncer chair if it will help your baby nap

A bouncer chair is perfect if you need help soothing your baby for their afternoon nap. Consider getting one especially if your child is used to napping in one at home.

4. Get a pack and play so your baby can play safely when you're not in the room

Not sure how to keep your baby safe while you prepare their meal or pack for your day at the beach? Get a pack and play so that your child can play safely even when you're not in the room.

5. Rent a regular stroller for your stay in Maui with your baby

If you'd like to take your baby for a comfortable stroll on the streets of Maui, consider renting a stroller.

6. Rent a jogging stroller if you want to keep active during your stay

Looking for a way to keep active but don't know how to do that in Maui? No problem, rent a jogging stroller so you can jog alongside your little one.

7. Get a playGYM for your baby to keep him entertained on your trip

A playGYM can keep your child busy and entertained for hours! Consider getting one for your baby for the duration of your trip to Maui.

8. Rent a baby video or audio monitor for the duration of your island stay

One of the most essential pieces of baby gear rental on Maui is a baby monitor. At Maui Vacation Equipment, we have video baby monitors and audio baby monitors available for you to rent.

9. Rent a diaper pail so you'll have a place to store your baby's dirty diapers

What comes out must be thrown away! But where? Consider renting a diaper pail so you'll have a way to contain the smell of a dirty diaper when you're out camping, at the beach or even at your vacation rental.

10. Get an electric bottle sterilizer on Maui for your baby

Is your baby not eating solid food yet? No problem, you can rent a bottle sterilizer and use it to sterilize your baby's bottles while you're here.