Baby Toys on Maui and Other Items You Don't Need to Pack on Vacation

Should you pack a set of baby toys on Maui? What about your baby monitor and other essentials for your little one?

Traveling with a baby can be frightening for new parents and the thought of not being able to bring along all your baby items with you may make you wonder how you should go about planning a trip. If at home, you're used to being surrounded by your things, it's easy to wonder about what you should pack when you leave on vacation.

Don't worry though, at Maui Vacation Equipment, we've got you covered! You can rent all the baby toys on Maui you need and everything else for your little one, for that matter.

Baby Toy Rentals Maui

Baby toys on Maui

Although we do recommend you bring along your child's favorite toy, you can definitely rent a set of baby toys on Maui. Toys can take up a lot of space in your luggage, but you can easily solve this problem by renting them when you arrive.

Baby car seat

If you plan on renting a car upon arrival, keep in mind that car rental companies may easily run out of car seats. But you don't need to bring your own from home... You can definitely rent a car seat for your baby when you arrive on Maui. At Maui Vacation Equipment, we have a wide range of car seats available for your little one.

Baby hiking carrier

Plan on going for a hike? Children can get tired rather quickly, especially if they're very little, so renting a baby / toddler carrier backpack is a great way for everyone to enjoy a hike in nature.

Snorkel set for children

Plan on taking your kids snorkeling for the first time? Snorkeling can be a wonderful experience for the whole family, but there's no need to worry about packing a snorkel set from home. You can easily rent one when you get here.

Baby jumper or playGYMs

Although not technically baby toys, on Maui you can rent a playGYM or a baby jumper for your little one and keep them entertained anywhere from a few minute to a few hours. You can even rent a sit-to-stand learning walker, so your little one will have something to play with as they learn how to stand or even walk!

Diaper pails

Having a diaper pail is a must, especially if you plan on spending time outdoors with your baby. But again, there's no need to bring your own from home, you can simply rent it as soon as you arrive.

Baby monitors

If you're traveling with a baby, having a baby monitor can really come in handy. You can rent one as soon as you arrive at your destination and you can choose between an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor. Whatever you decide, you'll have a way to hear if your little one is OK, even if you're not in the room.

A potty

Are you in the process of potty training your baby? Well, there's no need to put a pause to it just because you're on vacation! If you need to, you can definitely rent a potty on Maui for your little one.