Beach Gear Gadgets for your Maui Vacation

If you're looking for some cool and helpful ideas of what to bring to the beach during your Maui vacation, here are some gadgets I have, or have seen around town that might interest you:

  • External Battery for your cellphone: When you're at home, you charge your phone in your car or at home. For many people their phone doesnt ever go below 70% battery life. But have you ever spent the day at the beach taking pictures of the beach, waves, kids, sunset? If so, you know all to well that it will drain your phone battery quickly and you'll wish you had a little external battery pack to keep your phone charged for any Maui adventure. 

  • Canon PowerShot D30: My camera phone is technically waterproof, but I would never let any salt water touch it. If you're heading into water, get one of these to get the most out of your snorkel or beach swim.
  • LifeProof Waterproof Case: I have a LifeProof and its definitely helped to keep the Maui sand and spray out off the phone itself. Extra tip - I have a little slip of paper in the back of my case with my girlfriends name and number to contact. Yes, you could just keep calling your phone until someone answers, but maybe your phone has ran out of battery and they are too lazy to charge or they dont have a charger for it.
  • Kobo Aura H20 or Kindle: I like the feel of turning pages and concurring  a physical book, but make your Maui packing easier with an e-reader and store all your past and future reads.

Hope these help you out a bit, and feel free to take a look at our beach gear rentals if you end up needing any gear to go with your cool new gadgets!