Best Baby Equipment in Maui - What to Pack or Rent for Your Trip

Traveling with your family to Maui is a great way to spend your next vacation! But if this is your first time traveling with your newborn child, you're probably wondering about what baby stuff you should bring from home and what's the best baby equipment in Maui you can rent for your little one.

Luckily, packing your bags for a trip to Maui is not that difficult. In fact, there's very little that you should worry about when it comes to packing, as you can rent most of the baby gear you need for your stay.

That in mind, here's a list of what to pack for your stay on the island and what's the best baby equipment in Maui you can rent as soon as you arrive.

Baby Equipment for rent in Maui

Make sure you pack enough clothes for you and for your little one

Packing doesn't have to be stressful, but when you pack your suitcase, just make sure you bring enough tops, bottoms and shoes with you and do the same for your baby. Unless you plan on buying something to wear while you're here!

The dress code in Maui is super-casual, so keep that in mind when packing your clothes for the trip. Don't forget your swimwear and consider bringing along a rain jacket and a fleece, in case the weather starts playing tricks.

Make a list of must-have items and pack them or buy them as soon as you arrive

When you think of must-have items to pack when you travel to Maui, Sunscreen and your Photo camera probably comes to mind. But other than that, consider adding a few other items to your list: a waterproof phone case can come in handy, reading material for the plane and don't forget about bug repellent. You may need it for your hiking or camping trip on Maui. If you don't have any of these items at home, don't worry, you can always buy them when you get here.

Best baby equipment in Maui: here's what you can rent for your trip

Now comes the fun part: what's the best baby equipment in Maui you can rent?

Traveling with small children can be a real challenge, so if you were wondering if you can rent some of the items to make things easier for you, you can!

That in mind, here's what you can rent for your little one when you arrive on the island:

Baby crib - so that your baby can have a good night's sleep;
Baby toys or a playGYM - to keep your baby entertained for hours;
High chair - to make meals easier on the little one;
Bouncer chair - if your kid is used to napping in a bouncer chair at home, why not rent one for your trip?
Baby car seat - this is a must if you plan on driving or taking a cab from point A to point B on the island;
Potty - no need to pause potty training when on Maui, you can rent a potty when you arrive!
Diaper pail - so you'll have a place to store those dirty diapers;
Stroller - so you'll be able to take your baby out for a stroll;

And that's not all! At Maui Vacation Equipment, we have a wide range of other best baby equipment in Maui for you to rent so that you and your family can make the most of your vacation here on the island.