Best Things to do in Maui with Kids to Keep them Active

If you're looking for ideas on the best things to do in Maui with kids, you're in the right place!

When you plan a trip to the island of Maui, there's no shortage of fun things you can do together as a family! You can spend time at the beach, go hiking or you can visit the Ocean Center or go on a snorkeling tour!

When you think about it, there are so many things you can do on the island, it's impossible for any member of your family to get bored!

That in mind, have you thought about the best things to do in Maui with kids to keep them active every day? If you haven't, then check out our list of ideas below.

What to do in Maui with Children

1. Best things to do in Maui with kids when it's raining

The weather on Maui is typically great, but on some days, it may literally... rain on your parade! So, if you had plans to hike or spend time at the beach with your little one, you may need to reschedule.

But just because the weather plays tricks on you, that doesn't mean you can't have fun on your vacation and at the same time, keep the little one active.

One great way to get moving even indoors is to have a dance party. It's a well known fact that kids love to dance, so if you can't have fun outside, then bring the good times inside!

Another awesome way to keep your little one occupied and active is to get down on the floor and play together! If your child is still very small, you can rent an Activity Pinball Ride On or a Learning Walker and "go nuts". Alternatively, you can rent a set of children's toys and plan an afternoon of having fun indoors.

2. Take your little one on nature walks, even if you rent a stroller

One of the best things to do in Maui with kids is to go on walks and at Maui Vacation Equipment, we have a wide selection of strollers you can rent.

You can rent a jogging stroller if you're an active parent, a double stroller for your twins, a light weight stroller for the little one and so on.

However, if you do plan on taking your kiddo out for some fresh air, we strongly recommend you allow them to walk on their two little feet, at least for a few minutes.

Going on a walk is the perfect opportunity for your little one to explore nature and keep active at the same time.

3. If your kiddo loves to splash in the water, go for a swim

Swimming makes for a great full body workout for your little one! If your child loves to play in the water, then make sure he or she gets some exercise if you're at the beach. And if your baby gets tired of swimming, you can rent a set of beach toys to keep him occupied for the rest of the day.