Best Toys to Rent for A Baby on Maui

What are the best toys to rent for a baby on Maui?

Planning a vacation on Maui with a baby is very exciting! But at the same time, the though of traveling with a baby can be terrifying... You may get by by packing only a few T-shirts and a pair of pants, but you may need to pack a lot of stuff for your baby! And packing a lot of luggage may not even be the biggest problem, think about how expensive your trip can be if you need to check in everything on the plane!

The good new is, you can always rent the equipment you need for your baby when you get to your destination. And because toys occupy a lot of space in your luggage, you should consider renting some for your little one as well.

Without further ado, here are the best toys to rent for a baby on Maui so that you can keep your kiddo entertained at your rental place or at the beach.

Baby Toys for Rent in Maui

Best toys to rent for a baby on Maui for beach day

Are you visiting Maui for the first, second... the hundredth time? Regardless of how many times you've already been here, you're bound to spend time at the beach. And even though allowing your baby to play in the sand is good idea, your little one may need something extra to keep busy!

Instead of packing a bulky set of beach toys, why not rent them?

You can either rent a set of beach toys for your baby - that includes buckets, sand molds and enough shovels to keep your little one busy playing in the sand - or you can "go all in" and rent our awesome baby beach package! It includes a family shade tent, 2 Tommy Bahama beach chairs, a lot of baby beach toys and a cooler.

What to rent to keep your baby entertained at your rental place?

Not sure how to keep your little one busy as you pack your stuff for your day at the beach? Don't worry, at Maui Vacation Equipment, we have a great selection of toys you can rent that will definitely keep your baby entertained indoors.

First, we strongly recommend getting a PlayGYM. It's perfect for developing fundamental skills while gazing and grasping at the fun objects!

If you're traveling with a baby who's just about to learn to walk, then you're in luck! You can rent your very own Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker or an Activity Pinball Ride On and get your little one excited these fun toys!

What about travel toys? Here's how to keep your baby entertained on the road

Although you can rent pretty much anything you need when you get to Maui, you should keep in mind that you may need to pack at least some of your baby's favorite things. If you're traveling with an infant, we recommend you pack their favorite toys that don't take up a lot of space. This way, they'll have something to play with on the plane on your way to Maui and they'll feel safe and sound having something familiar from back home to play with.