Top 6 Camping Grounds in Maui

Looking for the best camping grounds on Maui to live an adventure with your family?

Camping on Maui is always fun. And although our island is relatively small in size, you'll be surprised to learn that Maui offers some of the most diverse camping spots in the world that both the locals and tourists can enjoy. State campsites, county campsites, national park campsites and other camping spots on the island make for the best places where nature lovers can create fun memories with their loved ones.

If you plan to spend time in the great outdoors, you need to obtain a camping permit in advance. Once you do, here are the top 6 camping grounds on Maui you can check out and enjoy with your family.

campsites on Maui

1. Hosmer Grove is one of the best camping grounds on Maui

The drive-in spot between Haleakala summit and Kula is the ideal place to spend time in nature with your loved ones! The volcanic landscape is simply breathtaking and the campground is the perfect place to catch the sunrise on the island.

Keep in mind though, that Hosmer Grove gets cold. Although the spot is well worth a visit, this is one of the coldest camping grounds on Maui.

2. Visit Kipahulu if you look forward to go hiking with the family

Kipahulu camp ground, also known as the spot of the "Seven Sacred Pools" is a great place to go hiking with your loved ones.

The place is a good camping spot for families with small children. You can have a great time here tossing your Frisbee rental with your kids or tell stories by the fire as you listen to sweet sounds of nature.

3. Hike in the wilderness in Paliku camping ground in Maui

One of the most demanding areas to hike on Maui, Paliku is not your usual child friendly camping location. However, if you're the adventurous type, you should definitely make time to enjoy the 10 mile hike in wild nature.

4. Visit Kapalaoa cabin at 7,250 ft.

After a 5.5 mile hike down the Sliding Sands Trail, you should easily find the famous Kapalaoa cabin. The rustic accommodation has limited amenities, like pit toilets and water available near the cabin (non-potable), but makes for a great way to spend a fun day with the family.

5. Papalaua Wayside Park is one of the 'friendliest' camping grounds on Maui

If you're visiting the island with small children, keep in mind that Papalaua Wayside Park is one of the most accessible camping grounds in Maui. The camping spot is a popular place for fishing, snorkeling and surfing. Just make sure you pick a good spot for your tent, you wouldn't want the waves to crash in it during your sleep.

6. Stop at Wai'anapanapa State Park if you're taking the road to Hana

Considered a mandatory pit stop on the road to Hana, Wai'anapanapa State Park makes for a wonderful camping ground in Maui to visit. You can either rent a cabin for a day or rent a camping tent and spend some quality time here with your family.