Camping in Maui - 4 Tips to Make the Most of the Experience

Looking forward to going camping in Maui?

If this isn't your first time going camping on the island, you're probably already familiar with what you need to pack or to rent for your adventure. However, if you've never been camping in Maui before, you should get comfortable and learn a thing or two about what it takes to truly enjoy the experience!

Here's what camping in Maui is all about and how you can make the most of your adventure.

maui camping experience

Obtain your permit to camp in Maui

The island of Maui offers a wide and diverse range of terrains where both tourists and the locals can set up camp. However, before you get comfortable, you'll need to obtain your camping permit in advance.

Don't worry though. Simply contact the Department of Parks and Recreation on the island and find out what you need to obtain a permit. You could request to submit your application starting a few months in advance and, once you get in touch with one of the DPR's permit offices, don't hesitate to ask your questions and find out more about what it takes to go camping on Maui.

Research the best camping spots on the island

When it comes to camping in Maui, you have a whole wide range of camping sites to choose from. You can choose between state campsites, county campsites, national park campsites and so on.

When researching the best spot to install your tent, make sure to take into consideration the type of camping trip you're looking forward to plan.

If you're traveling with your adrenaline seeking friends, then you could go camping at, say, Haleakala National Park. You could set up camp wherever you're allowed to or, you could rent one of the Wilderness cabins that are accessible by trail. The terrain here is perfect for anyone looking forward to living an adventure!

However, if you plan on traveling with a baby, you should consider researching a less "adventurous" spot to set up camp for your family.

Rent all the camping equipment you need in advance

For anyone flying to Maui, it's going to be difficult to carry any camping equipment on the plane. Therefore, consider planning ahead and book your camping equipment in Maui in advance.

At Maui Vacation Equipment, we offer a wide range of camping gear you can choose from. You can rent everything from a tent, sleeping bag and cookware and get everything you need for your trip, including a LED lamp or a set of comfortable pillows. You can even rent your own fishing gear, if you look forward to spending a couple days waiting for the fish to bite or a baby carrier backpack, if you plan on going for a hike with your family.

Go camping in Maui!

That's it! Once you decide on the best spot to go camping in Maui and obtain your permit, all you need to do is pack your gear and head out to live an adventure! Don't forget to pack a first aid kid and a trail map and you're good to go.