6 Tips For Camping With A Baby On Maui

Camping with a baby on Maui is both adventurous and fascinating. It’s a dream come true for most parents and an exciting memory the baby will grow up to be proud of.

If you’re planning a camping trip with a baby on Maui, we’ve compiled a simple list of things you can do to make your entire camping experience a spectacular one.

Valuable Tips For Camping With A Baby On Maui

Practice sleeping in a tent at home

If you’re concerned about how well your kids will adapt to sleeping in a tent, you should help them out by practicing sleeping in a tent at home. You can start with few hours in your living room and then your backyard.

You’ll have to do this before your camping trip. Some babies will sleep peacefully in a tent without any practice. But it’s hard to tell how your baby will respond without a try.  

Camping with a baby on Maui

Let your baby explore the island and play with new toys 

Let your baby explore the plants, bugs, sticks, and rocks around the campsite. So they can have a different experience from playing with their regular toys at home. To make it even more fun, you can get a baby or children toy set for your kid to play with.

You should also consider soccer ball, kite and bubble wand. Toddlers also like collecting items while they play. So you can get empty egg and yogurt cartons from home so they can use them as containers. You should consider recycling the items they pick up before you head back home.

Bring pull-ups for night time sleep

Nothing is worse than trying to help a pee-soaked baby in a dark tent at 2 a.m. while camping with a baby on Maui. So even if your baby doesn’t give you any trouble back home by sleeping through the night without wetting the bed, make sure you bring pull-ups for sleeping at night during the camping. 

You should take a look at this camping essential package which contains a four person tent with rain-fly, two sleeping bags, two pillows with cases, and one LED lantern. Also, having a portable potty on hand while camping with a baby on Maui can save you from a lot of stress during the day when you’re far from the bathroom, except if your kid isn’t bothered about going into the woods.

Bring extra clothing layers 

Regardless of the weather, when you’re camping with a baby on Maui, make sure you bring lots of extra clothing layers. Tents may be warm to adult but a bit cold for babies even in the summer. Also, if you observe mosquitoes in the spot you intend to spend the night, wear a long sleeved shirt for your baby.

Thermos for hot water overnight

While camping with a baby on Maui, you may need to feed your kiddo in the middle of the night. This is where a warm bottle of formula or milk becomes a life saver. So before nightfall, prepare a thermos of hot water before bed so it’s handy when you’re ready to feed.

Nothing is worse than waiting for water to heat up and boil over a campfire while your baby is screaming for food in a campsite and waking other sleeping campers. Also, you should consider pre cooking pasta and hard boiled eggs before you leave home. This will save you the stress of boiling water over a stove or campfire.

Bring a few packs of baby wipes   

Baby wipes are among the indispensable items you need when camping with a baby on Maui. So never forget to travel with a few packs of baby wipes, you’ll need them handy for diaper changes. You’ll also need them for quickly cleaning your hands and faces before and after a meal.

In addition, pack a few rolls of toilet paper as well as one roll of paper towel. These items may seem like some of the most basic items you need while camping with a baby on Maui. But in the real sense they are among the most important items.