Children's Camping Gear on Maui - What to Pack for a Trip with the Kids

Are you planning on taking the kids out for a fun day in nature? Camping is one of the best ways to spend time with your family. Just make sure you pack the right children's camping gear on Maui before you head out to live an adventure!

Organizing a camping trip on the island is fun, but often times it can also be hard work. While your kids jump for joy and can't wait to go out and about, you're in charge of organizing the essentials: campsite reservations, camping equipment for kids and making sure you have everything you need to create long lasting memories for your family.

To help you avoid any unwanted surprises that could make your trip go sour, here's a checklist for your children's camping gear on Maui that includes everything you need to have a great time camping with the kids.

Camping Equipment for Kids Maui

Children's camping gear on Maui

1. Get a camping tent for the whole family

Whether or not you choose to spend the night at the camping site, make sure you rent a comfortable tent in Maui for your family.

2. Rent folding chairs you can pull up by the campfire

You can choose to sit down on a log or you can choose to be comfortable and rent some folding chairs you can pull up by the fire as you tell stories or roast s'mores with the kids.

3. Make sure to pack an extra change of clothes and waterproof boots

Kids are always on the move so packing an extra change of clothes and waterproof hiking boots may be a must.

4. Pack a LED lantern and headlamps for your family

Planning on staying outdoors after dark? Bring a heatless LED lamp with you or, better yet, get a headlamp for every member of your family.

5. Bring along some roasting sticks for the campfire

No camping experience is complete without roasting some marshmallows by the fire. Don't forget to pack your roasting sticks next time you go out and about with the kids.

6. Pack a camping stove and cookware set to enjoy a proper outdoorsy meal

Although cooking equipment isn't exactly part of the children's camping gear on Maui, it helps to have a way to cook a proper meal outdoors for your family.

7. Don't forget the camping toys at the hotel

Have you thought about how to keep the little ones entertained during your trip? Your kids' outdoor toys are some of the most essential items on your checklist! Keep your kids busy by teaching them how to fly a kite, kick a ball together or play some Frisbee.

8. Bring along an insect repellent and sunscreen

If you plan on spending at least a few hours outdoors in Maui, make sure you apply sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays and pack along an insect repellent, in case you'll need one.

9. Don't forget about a first aid kit and a map

Anything can happen as you head out to explore the great outdoors, so make sure to pack a first aid kit and get a map of the campsite you are visiting.