Kahului Vacation Rentals - What to Rent for a Short Island Stay

Looking forward to visit Kahului with your family and kids?

The island of Maui may not be that large, but it definitely has a lot to offer! So, if you're planning a short stay here with the whole family, it helps to know what Kahului vacation rentals you can get so you can pack lighter and leave the bulky and heavy stuff at home.

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular Kahului vacation rentals you can book for your stay.

Vacation Equipment Kahului

1. You can rent vacation equipment for your baby

Going on vacation with a baby doesn't need to be a stressful experience. We know that most parents need to pack a lot of stuff for their little one and that can make your luggage heavy and downright expensive to carry on the plane. That in mind, we've got the perfect alternative: you can rent everything you need for your baby for your vacation on the island! From car seats, strollers and high chairs, to beach toys, training potty and a diaper pail.

2. Kahului vacation rentals: beach games and sports equipment

A lot of people prefer to keep active when they travel.Therefore, at Maui Vacation Equipment, we offer Kahului vacation rental deals for kids and adults of all ages. Our rentals are a great fit for anyone who's into beach volleyball, football and soccer, beach paddle ball, boogie boarding or simply loves throwing the Frisbee around with the kids. 

3. Rent your own beach and snorkel gear in Kahului

Snorkeling in Hawaii is nothing short of an incredibly amazing experience and a great occasion for your kids to learn more about the marine sea life. So, if you don't have your very own snorkel sets, you can rent them and go snorkeling with the whole family.

Furthermore, you can rent a set of comfortable beach chairs for your stay, beach shade cabanas and umbrellas, a cooler to take with you on the beach, binoculars, beach towels and much, much more.

4. Bedding rentals in Kahului

As long as you plan to stay in Kahului, we'd like to know that you and your family are as comfortable as possible. So, if you're also a fan of bedding that's clean, crisp and fresh out of the dryer, consider one of our 80+ bedding items for rent. From sheet sets and pillow cases, to roll-away twin beds for adults and crib and mattress for your baby, we have it all.

5. Going camping or hiking with your family and kids? Leave the bulky stuff at home and rent your gear here 

Camping, fishing and hiking gear is typically difficult to carry on a plane. But don't worry, you can easily rent the stuff you need once you arrive at your destination. So, if you're wondering about the essential Kahului vacation rentals, add this equipment to your list. At Maui Vacation Equipment, you can rent everything you need to go camping, all you require for a fishing trip and all the necessary hiking gear you desire.

6. Mobility wheelchairs and equipment for rent in Kahului

For guests on the island who need assistance, we offer Kahului vacation rentals that include mobility equipment. If you need to rent a knee scooter, a walker or a wheelchair, contact us today and let's see how we can help.