Kids Hiking Gear on Maui and Other Essentials to Pack For a Trip

Maui is a wonderful place to go hiking with your family. But do you know what to pack for a day of hiking on the island? What clothes should you wear, what shoes and what about your kids' hiking gear on Maui?

Luckily, there's no need to be a hiking expert to go out and about exploring the island and it's beautiful places. In fact, at Maui Vacation Rentals, we've prepared a list of things for you to take when hiking and some suggestions that should help you decide what outdoor equipment and kids hiking gear on Maui you should definitely rent.

Kids Hiking Rentals Maui

Rent the right outdoor equipment and kids hiking gear on Maui

Planning a hiking trip implies making a list of the equipment you need to pack. After all, you wouldn't want to be caught without a jacket if it gets cold or without enough water supplies in the middle of nowhere, especially if you travel with kids.

That in mind, here's a list of essentials you should definitely bring along your hiking trip. If you can't bring these items from home, you can rent them!

Toddler carrier backpack - hiking with your little one? Consider renting a hiking carrier so that you and your child can both enjoy your trip in nature.

Hiking backpack - you have to put your items somewhere, so consider renting a hiking backpack on Maui if you don't have one of your own.

Fishing pole and tackle box - if you plan on taking a break and do some fishing, you could rent a fishing pole and everything else you need to - hopefully - catch some dinner.

Cooking and dining set - speaking of dinner, renting a cookware set is a good idea if you plan on a longer stay and need to cook a proper meal for your family.

Kids hiking gear on Maui - last but not least, don't forget about your kids' hiking gear on Maui! They can have their very own backpack where they can, say.. carry their favorite toy or a set of cool binoculars! Renting a set of beach toys or a snorkel set for kids is also helpful, if you plan on hiking near the beach.

Wear comfortable clothes & shoes and bring along a waterproof jacket

Obviously, you need to be comfortable on a hike, so wear suitable footwear, appropriate clothes and, just in case, bring along a rain jacket.

Pack sunscreen and bug repellent, you'll need them

Mosquitoes and other bugs can be very annoying, but you can keep them at bay with a repellent. And of course, don't leave your sunscreen at home, you're going to need it.

Pack enough food and water for your hike on Maui

You need to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up while on a hike, so make sure you bring enough snacks and beverages with you.

Don't forget to bring a first aid kit, your cellphone and a map

A cellphone? On a hike? Well, in order to be safe, you should pack a first aid kit, a map and yes, your cellphone. If you plan on going on a more challenging hike, you never know if you get in trouble and need to figure out where you are or call for help.