Kids Outdoor Gear in Maui - Things to Rent for an Outdoor Adventure

If you're wondering about what kids outdoor gear in Maui you should rent for your stay on the island, you're in luck.

Depending on the type of outdoor activity you plan on for your kids, we've prepared a list of things for you to rent ahead of time, so you can make sure to make the best out of the time spend together as a family.

Without any further ado, here's what kids outdoor gear in Maui you should rent the next time you come to the island.

Childrens Outdoor Gear in Maui

Kids outdoor gear in Maui for the beach

One of the best things to do in Maui with the kids is going to the beach! There's not a single doubt that children will have a ton of fun playing in the sand!

If you plan on spending time at the beach with your kids, here's a list of things to take with you:

1. Beach toys - Kids love playing in the sand! And a set of beach toys will definitely make things a lot more interesting!

2. Beach shade cabana - Spending time under the sun is great and all, but from time to time, you may need to find some shade. A family sized beach shade cabana is the perfect spot to hide from the Sun for a while.

3. Snorkel set for kids - If your kid is old enough to explore the underwater marine life, consider renting a snorkel set for kids and show your little one how fun it is to go snorkeling in Maui.

4. Beach mat - If you don't have a comfy place to lay down at the beach, you can rent a beach mat for each member of the family.

Kids outdoor equipment to rent in Maui for a hike

Who said kids can't have a good time on a hike? On the contrary, spending time in nature as a family can be a wonderful way to bond and to have a ton of fun with your little one!

That in mind, here's a list of kids outdoor gear in Maui you should consider renting for the occasion:

1. Child carrier hiking backpack - If your child is very little, consider renting a baby / toddler carrier backpack.

2. Binoculars - Observing nature can be kind of fun! Rent a set of binocular for your little one so they can get the most of your hiking experience.

3. Diaper pail - Is your baby still in diapers? No problem! Rent a diaper pail so you can have a place to store those dirty diapers if your baby needs to "go" during your hike.

Kids camping gear to rent for a fun trip for the whole family

Hiking can be a ton of fun, but camping somewhere overnight will definitely be the cherry on top!

Here are a few ideas of kids gear to rent on Maui if you go camping:

1. Family sized tent - Camping with mom and dad can be a lot of fun, so consider renting a family sized tent to spend the night.

2. Training potty - Are you in the process of potty training your child? Perfect! You can rent a training potty for your little one so they'll have a place to "go" when camping.