5 Things You Need to Know About Renting a Knee Wheelchair on Maui

Have you recently suffered from a foot injury or have had foot or ankle surgery? Renting a knee wheelchair on Maui is the perfect way to keep active, even on vacation!

There's no need to postpone your trip to the island if you need to limit your physical activity during your rehabilitation. The main objective of a knee scooter is create a safe way for you to get around and renting a knee wheelchair on Maui definitely comes with a series of advantages.

Here's what you need to know if you have already planned a trip to the Hawaiian island, but a foot injury or sprain got in the way.

knee scooter maui

Can I rent a knee wheelchair on Maui?

Of course! At Maui Vacation Equipment, we offer knee wheelchair rentals for anyone who needs to take it easy after foot or ankle surgery or during rehabilitation.

We understand how frustrating it must be to not be able to fully enjoy your vacation. However, instead of canceling the whole trip, you may still be able to enjoy your time spent on the island as you slowly, but surely, get back in motion one day at a time.

How does a knee scooter work?

The way a knee walker works is very intuitive. In order to get moving, all you need to do it rest your injured leg on the soft cushion and then use the non-injured foot to control the movement.

Before you get going, you should also take a moment to adjust your knee walker to your needs. You can adjust the handlebar and the seat to match your height and don't forget to make sure everything feels right before you go out and about exploring the island.

Is it worth renting a knee scooter in Maui?

If you're wondering about how expensive it is to rent a knee wheelchair on Maui, don't worry. At Maui Vacation Equipment, we offer knee scooter rentals for only $12 /day. Furthermore, if you let us know where you'll be staying in Maui, we can coordinate with your rental manager to have your knee wheelchair on Maui delivered before you even check-in.

Does a knee wheelchair get in the way of me enjoying my vacation?

The need to use a knee scooter does come with a couple disadvantages. For instance, a knee walker will make it difficult for you to go up a flight of stairs or to enjoy a long walk in a hilly area. Furthermore, if your injury is above the knee, renting a knee wheelchair on Maui may not actually help. You should consult with your physician and decide together if a knee scooter is the right item to use during your rehabilitation.

What's the rental process for a knee walker in Maui?

At Maui Vacation Equipment, we do our best to make the rental process as smooth as possible. Our delivery time starts as early as 7 a.m. and, in order to make sure you're all set, we'll contact you a day prior to delivery to confirm when we should meet, in case you need to adjust your scooter. And keep in mind, you can contact us any time to learn more about the renting process for a knee wheelchair on Maui.