Maui Beach Essentials for A Baby

Maui beach essentials for a baby are the things your little one will need to make it through the day at the beach. Ensuring that your baby have all the beach essentials they need means you’ll have enough time to unwind without being bothered. Since spending time at the beach is a completely outdoor scenario, we’ve made a list of Maui beach essentials for a baby to ensure you enjoy a remarkable moment with your toddler.

Maui beach essentials for a baby

The following Maui beach essentials for a baby can make your time at the beach a memorable one:

Sun block

The sun can be really hot on Maui. So, your baby needs the right protection from the sun. Get a baby-friendly sunscreen brand that is adequate and easy to apply on a baby’s soft skin. Check the label for ingredients that won’t trigger allergic reactions or cause irritations. You should apply the sunscreen around 20 -30 minutes before sun exposure to prevent overexposure and burns.  Sunscreens are some of the major Maui beach essentials for a baby.

Water shoes

Some beaches on Maui have all kinds of rocks and stones that can easily hurt the delicate skin of a baby. Even more, the sand can get hot sometimes. You can get some simple water shoes that makes moving around easier and more comfortable for your toddler. You can easily get these shoes from Maui Vacation Equipment.

Maui Beach Essentials for A Baby  

Beach toys 

Almost every kid loves a bucket and a shovel. You shouldn’t stop at that though. There are several other items to choose from. From squishy water toys to plastic cars, inflatable beach balls, and the likes, there are several beach toys for babies to choose from.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about buying these toys. You can easily rent various baby beach toys and have they delivered to wherever you are on the island. Once you’re done the renters can pick them up too. Beach toys are some of the most important Maui beach essentials for a baby. 

Beach umbrella or tent

Having a beach umbrella or even a tent is a good idea if you’re spending long hours at the beach. But since you’ll be at the beach with a baby, you’ll most likely need some sort of shade. Your kid should have a place to relax if they feel uncomfortable for any reason and having a shade is the perfect solution. Beach umbrella is one of the most important Maui beach essentials for a baby.


You’ll most likely need a blanket to cover more surface area on the ground and less space in your beach bag. It’s easy to assume that a towel can do the job. But a blanket is always your best bet. You can get waterproof blankets that are easy to use and you don’t even have to buy them. You can easily rent these blankets at the beach from Maui Vacation Equipment and have them delivered to you wherever you are.

Sippy cup

You can get hydrated all too soon while in the sun all day. So, imagine how hydrated your little one will be while out in the sun. Don’t forget to pack your favorite sippy cup. You can get an insulated sippy cup to keep your water cold and a sliding lid that can keep sand out.

Swim diapers

You shouldn’t miss out on swim diapers. You can get disposable swim diapers that are suitable for babies. Even more, don’t forget to pack some dry diapers. You’ll need them when it’s time to head home.