Maui Beach Rentals - 9 Things to Pack for a Day at the Beach

Are you wondering what to pack for an awesome day at the beach? When you're about to spend a few days on the island, knowing what Maui beach rentals to get for your trip will help maximize the fun.

Without further ado, here are the top 9 Maui beach rentals that will surely make your day of fun under the Sun a truly unforgettable one:

Maui beach rental gear

1. If you're searching for Maui beach rentals, make sure to get a snorkel set

Looking forward to go snorkeling in Maui? Then make sure you rent your very own snorkel set! At Maui Vacation Equipment, we offer snorkel set rentals that include a snorkel mask with a snorkel, two adjustable fins and a bottle of anti-fog solution.

2. Rent a Tommy Bahama chair to maximize your comfort

What better way to enjoy a relaxing day under the Sun than by sitting comfortably in a Tommy Bahama Beach Chair? Our Maui beach rentals include Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs, complete with side and back pockets along with backpack straps for easy carrying.

3. Don't underestimate the importance of getting a beach shade cabana

Laying in the Sun may sound like fun, but when the UV rays are at their peak, you may want to search for some shade. Rent a beach shade cabana and protect yourself from getting sunburned.

4. Rent your very own bodyboard in Maui

Most people who come to Maui can't wait to have fun catching the waves! However, carrying your own board on the plane can be uncomfortable. You can rent one on the island though and enjoy your day at the beach to the fullest.

5. Always rent an umbrella if you spend an entire day at the beach

Another good way to protect yourself and get some shade is to rent a Tommy Bahama beach umbrella. It's easy to install and it will give you the shade coverage you need to escape the Sun.

6. Get a set of beach toys among other Maui beach rentals

Traveling with a baby? You may need to find a way to keep the little one entertained. If you're looking for Maui beach rentals, make sure to get a set of beach toys for the kids.

7. Rent a beach mat to maximize the comfort if you plan on getting a tan

If you look forward to getting a perfect tan, you may want to look into renting a beach mat. Our beach mat rentals include built-in handles, convenient pockets and they're the perfect solution to cover the areas you want to keep sand free.

8. Forgot to pack a towel? Don't worry, you can rent one for each member of your family

It's so easy to plan to spend your vacation at the beach, but forget to pack the towels! Not to worry, at Maui Vacation Equipment, we have everything you need for a perfect vacation on the island. Including beach towels available to rent for the whole family.

9. To stay hydrated, rent a cooler to keep your drinks cold at the beach

Last, but definitely not least, don't forget to rent a cooler for your day at the beach! It's very important to remain hydrated and bringing along a cooler to the beach is the ideal way to keep your drinks handy and always fresh.