Maui Beach Vacation Chair Rentals vs. Sitting on a Mat

If you look forward to going to the beach and sit comfortably while you get a tan, you typically only have a couple options. You could either rent a Maui beach vacation chair or you can bring along your own beach mat.

Each of these two options sounds great, but the reality is that one of them may be much more comfortable. So what's the difference?

Here's what it means to rent your own Maui beach vacation chair for the duration of your stay vs. bringing your own beach mat from home.

Maui beach vacation chair rentals

A Maui beach vacation chair can make a big difference when it comes to height

This is one of the biggest advantages that a Maui beach vacation chair rental offers.

A beach mat will be pretty much entail laying on the beach, so you will end up with lots of dirt and sand on it, which isn't really pleasant, nor is it comfortable. Therefore, your next best option is to simply rent a beach chair on the island that will come with the advantage of extra height. You won’t have to worry about sand accumulating on the chair or anything like that anymore.

Renting a Maui beach vacation chair is convenient and helpful and you can stay away from dealing with sand or dirt getting in the way of you having a great time.

Beach chairs vs. beach mats: durability

A beach mat may be comfortable, but the problem is that a beach mat is not always very durable. So while you might be able to use it a few of times each season, you never know when you need to get a new one.

A Maui beach vacation chair rental, on the other hand, lasts a lot longer. So, if you’re traveling and look forward to visiting the beach, you can rent one short term or for the entire duration of your stay.

Let's talk comfort

A beach mat can be pretty comfortable, but it’s no match for a beach vacation chair on Maui.

Beach chairs are typically designed to give you the best possible value and comfort for your money. A mat will still be an OK option, but the reality is that a beach chair will be a lot more comfortable if you plan on spending your time here getting a tan.

Dings and scratches

There’s a reason why beach mats typically cost much less than a beach chair, and that’s the lack of durability and the fact they are more prone to dings or scratches. So, if you're looking for a comfy way to spend your time at the beach, without worrying about your beach mat getting damaged, renting a beach chair may be the best option for you this summer season.

If you want to go to the beach in style and enjoy your comfort, consider renting a beach vacation chair on Maui. Beach chairs are a lot more durable and sturdy, not to mention you won’t have to clean dust and sand from them all the time while you're supposed to be enjoying your time laying under the Sun.