9 Reasons To Consider Maui Bedding Rentals for Your Stay

Wondering if you should get Maui bedding rentals for your vacation on the island?

With 80+ bedding items we have for rent, we're positive you'll find everything you need in our collection to make your trip to Maui the adventure of your lifetime!

If you're still unsure whether or not you need Maui bedding rentals, take a quick list of the list of reasons below.

baby bedding rentals

9 Maui bedding rentals that may come in handy for the duration of your stay on the island

Rent a baby crib if you plan on traveling with your little one - A baby crib may turn out to be a very useful addition to your stay. If on the mainland, your child is used to sleeping in their own crib, you can definitely recreate the cosy environment from home even when you're on vacation.

Get a pack and play for your baby when you come to Maui - A pack and play may be the perfect way to put your baby down for an afternoon nap. Our pack and play rentals on Maui come fitted with a crisp, clean sheet for your baby.

Rent a roll-away bed and rest comfortably on the island - In you need to add an extra bed for your Maui accommodation rental, get a roll away bed. There's no need to make anyone sleep on the sofa when they can get a good night's sleep for only $14 a day.

Consider booking a toddler bed if you child needs a place to sleep - Is your child too big to sleep with you in the same bed, but not so little anymore to get a crib? Rent your little one their very own toddler bed for your visit to Maui.

Going camping? Rent your own air mattresses - There's really no need to sleep on the ground when you go camping on the island. Our Maui bedding rentals include twin air beds or mattresses, equipped with a pump, that you can rent and sleep comfortable when you spend time away from the city.

You may need to rent sleeping bags if you plan to camp overnight - We know that typically, the weather on Maui can get hot, but when you're out camping, you may need to rent a sleeping bag if you plan to stay overnight.

Our Maui bedding rentals include sheets, blankets and pillow cases - Need an extra blanket or a set of clean sheets? No problem, you can just rent one of our linen sets that include a blanket and two pillows .

Rent a set of bed rails for your toddler - Safety should come first, even on vacation. So, if your toddler needs to adjust to sleeping in a new bed, consider renting a set of toddler bed rails for the duration of your stay on Maui.

Get your baby a crib mobile for the duration of your stay - Whether you already have a crib set up in your accommodation rental or if you rent a bed for your baby for your stay, you can always choose to rent a crib mobile as well. Our Maui bedding rentals include musical mobiles for your baby, that you can attach to any crib and help your baby go to sleep.