Maui Camping Ideas For Kids

What are the most exciting Maui camping ideas for kids?

Camping with kids on Maui is never a dull moment. With the right Maui camping ideas for kids, the number of things you can do to have fun is almost endless. You don't have to bring any camping gears from home. You can get all the camping gears you need for you and your kids from Maui Vacation Equipment. To give you an idea of what to expect, the following are key Maui camping ideas for kids.

Maui Camping Ideas For Kids 

Here are Maui camping ideas for kids to make every camping moment exciting and memorable: 

Make Nature Rubbings

Make nature rubbings with the paper and colours you brought. Choose an interesting leaf, place it on a level surface, cover it with a sheet of white paper, then rub the leaf with your crayon by turning it lengthwise. Or preserve flowers and leaves as a keepsake from your camping trip by pressing them into a book. This is one of the most memorable Maui camping ideas for kids.

Quiz Them with Trivia

Improve your child's knowledge by asking them some entertaining trivia questions. Make a list of inquiries about wildlife, the environment, and plants that are special to camping.


Maui camping ideas for kids


Tailor the trivia questions to your child's interest. If you kid love a certain animal or pet, you should consider asking them questions about such animals or plants. Quizzing kids with trivia questions is one of the best Maui camping ideas for kids.

Build a Campfire 

Get your kids pumped up for an evening around the fire pit. Have your youngster first gather small twigs and bark, short sticks, and bigger logs.

The kindling should be arranged in a tepee shape over the tinder in the chosen fire pit. Light the tinder with a match, and as the fire grows, gradually add more sticks and logs.

Draw a line in the earth three to five feet away from the fire to keep children safe, and tell them not to cross it. Building a campfire is one of the best Maui camping ideas for kids. If you need a camping stove that includes Butane, you can rent it on Maui.

Host a Shadow Puppet Show

Host a shadow puppet show on the tent walls using a flashlight as a spotlight. Make a snake, wolf, or rabbit and ask your youngster to make up adventures for it. This is one of the most exciting Maui camping ideas for kids. Check out this camping essential package

Take a Hike

Hiking is one of the best Maui camping ideas for kids. Sing or talk while hiking to avoid startling any curious animals; if they anticipate your approach, they will move out of the way. Additionally, make it a requirement that everyone use the buddy system, even on quick trips to the bathroom. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Before it gets dark, treasure hunts can be fun. Make a list of things you want to find, such as particular leaves, flowers, or plants, or bury trinkets like marshmallows, bottle tops, marbles, and other little objects around your campground. Scavenger hunts is one of the most exciting Maui camping ideas for kids.

Maui camping ideas for kids: Study Bugs

Under rocks, your kids can look for particularly repulsive insects.  Observing insects is a fantastic method for youngsters to learn respect for nature. Bugs shouldn't just be trampled on, as they're a vital part of our ecosystem. 

Maui camping ideas for kids: Play Charades

Kids may play charades anywhere and it doesn't require any specific equipment, making it the ideal pastime for camping. Read about the most exciting kids activities on Maui.

Maui camping ideas for kids: Get Out Lawn Games

Like ring toss, corn hole, or lawn darts, you might want your kid to enjoy some lawn games while camping. Additionally, you can use this time to introduce youngsters to traditional outdoor games like Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard, and Capture the Flag.