9 Maui Equipment Rentals For the Perfect Vacation

Are you planning a vacation on our island? Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of Maui equipment rental choices for your trip?

Don't worry, you're not alone!

Many people who come visit Maui are often wondering what to pack. Whether you're a beach enthusiast, a nature lover or a fishing fan, you may be wondering the same thing: what should you bring along on your trip to the island and what Maui equipment rentals should you get when you arrive?

At Maui Vacation Equipment, we've prepared a list of 9 Maui equipment rentals that you can easily book when you arrive. There's really no need to pack a lot of luggage for your trip when you can rent the stuff you want when you land.

Maui vacation rentals

9 Maui equipment rentals that will render your vacation unique

1. Maui equipment rentals for the beach: essentials package - You can't seriously think you should pack a beach chair for every member of your family on the plane! Luckily, you can rent the perfect beach essential package in Maui as soon as you arrive on the island!

2. Build your own snorkel set and then rent it - Don't own a snorkel mask and a snorkel? Now worries, you can "build" your own snorkel set and then rent it for the duration of your stay.

3. Rent our deluxe camping package for a complete camping experience - Our package includes 1 4-person tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 air mattresses, 2 pillows (with cases), 1 cooler, 1 LED lantern and 2 chairs.

4. Don't forget to rent a baby beach toys set - Travelling with a baby? If you're wondering how to keep your little one entertained at the beach, rent a set of beach toys!

5. Consider renting a baby beach package - One of our most popular Maui equipment rentals is the baby beach package. It has everything you need for a perfect day at the beach with your baby or toddler!

6. Maui equipment rentals: renting your own booster car seat is a must - If you're traveling with a child, you should always put safety first and rent a booster car seat for the duration of your stay.

7. Rent a fishing pole in Maui - Going fishing? Rent your very own fishing pole and tackle box and enjoy a relaxing day at one of the island's many places you can fish.

8. Get a stroller and car seat combo if you plan to travel with your baby - Your baby may get tired if you plan on doing a lot of traveling around the island. Make things easier for the little one and get a stroller and car seat combo.

9. Build your own camping package and rent the perfect camping set - Are you a nature lover and look forward to go camping? At Maui Vacation Equipment, you can build your very own camping package and rent it for the duration of your stay! Choose the type of tent you need, the number of bedding sets, chairs etc. and voila! You'll have everything you need for a perfect camping adventure.