Essential Equipment and Maui Kids Gear for a Hiking Trip

What's the best Maui kids gear for a hiking trip on the island?

Maui is well known for being one of the most awesome places in the country to go hiking. There are lots of hiking trails here, some are steep, but many are child friendly, so if you're eager to spend some time outdoors with the whole family, a hiking trip could be a great opportunity for you to have some serious fun!

But what should you pack for a hiking trip? And what about Maui kids gear, what are some must - have items you need to have for your trip?

Without any further ado, here's a list of the essential items and Maui kids gear you should definitely pack.

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Essential Maui kids gear and hiking equipment to pack for your trip

Toddler carrier backpack

If your child is too little to hike on their own, consider renting a child carrier backpack. They're sturdy, they're comfortable and they're a great for you and your kid to enjoy your day in nature.

Hiking backpack

A hiking backpack is an essential item you should have for your trip. There are lots of things you need to pack for a hike, so you'll need a place to store them. If you don't have your own hiking backpack, you can rent one.

Sleeping bag and a tent

Are you planning to spend the night under the Hawaiian stars? Then you'll need to pack a sleeping bag for each member of the family and choose a family sized tent to rent.

Sleeping pad

Looking for a comfortable way to sleep in the woods? Unless you're used to sleeping on the ground, you should consider getting a sleeping pad so that you and your child can sleep comfortably on a backpacking trip.

Snacks and drinks

Looking for a complete list of Maui kids gear? Well, equipment isn't everything, you still need to think about packing something to eat and drink while you're out and about. Keep yourself and your kids fueled and hydrated, it's important.

Appropriate clothing

Aside from the essential Maui kids gear, make sure you dress appropriately and have enough changes of clothes on you, in case you need it. A good idea would be to wear a pair of quick dry pants or shorts, a sun protective t-shirt, a base layer top in case you need to keep warm and of course, hiking shoes. Don't forget to pack a fleece jacket and even a beanie if it gets chilly out on the trail. And if you're expecting rain, pack a waterproof jacket and waterproof pants for everyone.


Not sure how to keep your kids entertained on a hike? Make things interesting and rent a set of binoculars! We guarantee the little ones will love it!

Camping stove and cookware set

Although not technically Maui kids gear, renting a camping stove and a cookware set will help you cook a proper meal for the entire family if you plan on spending the entire day hiking or want to spend the night.