7 Tips for Traveling to Maui with a Baby

Looking for the best tips to travel to Maui with your baby?

Planning a family vacation can be super fun! But of course, if you plan to come to Maui with a child, there are a few important things you should keep in mind, especially if this is the first time you plan to travel with the little one.

Without any further ado, here are the top tips for traveling to Maui with a baby. Keep reading to learn how traveling with a small child is different, but definitely possible.

Kids Vacation Maui

1. Maintain a sleeping schedule when traveling to Maui with a baby

Just because you're on vacation, it doesn't mean your baby can skip their nap. On the contrary, traveling can be quite tiresome for a baby, so make sure you maintain their sleeping schedule for the duration of your stay.

2. Rent the toys you need for your little one when you arrive at your destination

To avoid carrying a lot of stuff in your luggage, check to see if you can rent baby toys at your destination. At Maui Vacation Equipment, we offer baby beach toy sets for rent, play gyms and crib mobiles so that your baby can have fun too while he's on vacation!

3. Rent a baby crib to offer your child a good night's sleep

Carrying a baby crib with you on your trip can be quite the challenge. But don't worry, if at home your little one is used to sleeping in a crib, you can easily rent one for him when you arrive at your destination.

4. Remember to slow down when you plan your itinerary with your baby

A good tip to keep in mind when you first travel to Maui with your baby is to take things slow. If before you had child, you were used to hopping from destination to destination, now you'd have to keep in mind that your baby needs to respect their nap schedule, their feeding schedule, diaper changes and possibly even tantrums.

5. Get a high chair and eat in if your baby is not used to crowded places

If your baby is still to little to eat out or if he's not used to very crowded places, you can always choose to eat in your accommodation rental. You could rent a high chair and make feeding time easier both for you and for your little one.

6. Try to nap at the same time as your baby

If your baby falls asleep in the car of on their way home, then nevermind. But if you can put your baby down for a nap at your hotel, make sure you get some rest as well. Traveling to Maui with a baby is an amazing experience, but it can be a tiresome one as well.

7. Remember to use sunscreen for your baby and get a beach shade cabana to keep the little one safe

Maui can be a lot of fun, but it's important to protect your little one at all times and that includes using sunscreens whenever you step outside of your hotel. Also, if you plan on spending time at the beach, make sure to get a shade cabana so you can protect yourselves for a prolonged exposure to UV rays.