Plan to use a Wheelchair on Vacation?

There are a few things to consider when traveling with a wheelchair or special mobility device. If you or a loved one needs a wheelchair full time, or maybe they just need a little help while on vacation, make sure you look into a few items prior to firming up your vacation details.
  • Bulkhead seating is a good idea for ease of use when getting in and out of the plane. So, its always a good idea to make the request.
  • Ask to board the plane early to help the flow of passengers and avoid being the bottleneck as the rest of the passengers enter the flight. 
  • Plan your vehicle months ahead of time if you need a special transport. For example, a hand control car, wheelchair van, wheelchair taxi cab service etc. 
  • If you want to make planning easy on yourself, use a travel agency specializing in people with disabilities. A few examples are:  Accessible Journeys, Easy Access Travel, or Cruise Holidays.
  • When looking for accommodations, make sure the property use choose is ADA accessible. Make sure you don't assume all accommodations within the USA are ADA compliant. For example, mirco-tels / small hotels of 10 rooms or less are not required to be ADA compliant.