5 Reasons to Rent a Mattress in Maui

Should you rent a mattress in Maui or avoid getting one and still enjoy your stay?

There are many reasons why people going on vacation with the family prefer renting a king size or a baby mattress on the island. From looking to get a good night sleep while on vacation, to having a place for them and for their children to rest comfortably if they go camping.

That in mind, here are the 5 main reasons why people prefer to rent a mattress in Maui.

baby crib and mattress maui

1. Parents travelling with a baby often rent a baby crib and mattress in Maui for their little one

Renting a mattress on Maui is not just for adults. If you plan on traveling to Maui with a small child, you can rent a little mattress for your baby.

At Maui Vacation Equipment, we'll help you re-create the inviting environment your baby is used to at home. We rent cribs equipped with baby sheets and a mattress and, if you're having trouble setting everything up, just let us know and we'll assist you with the initial setup and break down of the crib so your baby can sleep well on a moisture proof mattress.

2. Some people rent a mattress in Maui for a more comfortable sleep

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a mattress is a good nigh sleep. That said, it's no wonder that so many people visiting Maui prefer to rent one so they and their family can get a better rest while on vacation.

Not all accommodation rentals come with comfortable beds and mattresses. So, if you're not a fan of sleeping on the sofa, you should consider renting a mattress for the duration of your stay.

3. People with allergies may need to rent a mattress 

People or children with certain allergies won't be able to sleep well even in the most comfortable bed that's in the room you booked for your stay. But don't worry, you can always rent a mattress in Maui and solve the problem.

Rent one of our Twin Air Beds or Mattresses so you and your family can enjoy an allergy free sleep for the whole duration of your stay! Our twin air bed rentals are clean, sterile and mite free.

4. Many tourists prefer to rent a mattress for their camping trip

Camping enthusiasts visiting Maui can easily find the ideal way to rest: rent a mattress in Maui. Our air mattress rentals will fit your comfort needs even when you're spending time away from the city. They come equipped with a small electric fan that can inflate your 'camping bed' in less than 45 seconds. This way you and your kids can all rest on an allergy free, comfortable mattress.

5. Consider a mattress rental in Maui if you need an extra place to sleep

Need an extra improvised bed? If someone you know decides to join you on Maui for a couple days, you don't always need to rent an extra apartment or room for their stay. In some cases, it can be more cosy and so much more fun to just add an extra place to sleep in your vacation rental. Don't make your loved one sleep crouched on a couch and rent a mattress in Maui.