Tips for Driving with your Baby or Toddler

Are you looking to head out on the road to Hana while visiting Maui? With about 5 to 6 hours of driving, it can be a lot for your little one handle if you don't plan ahead. Below are a few tips if you're hoping to make the journey with your baby or toddler:

1. The road to Hana is a long and winding road and your baby will become uncomfortable and restless at some point. Its recommended to take short breaks at least every 1.5 hours to let you're baby out of their car seat and stretch out. 

2. Smells! A rental car can be a strange, unfamiliar smell for a young one. To help acclimatize them to the car, its best to have something close to them that smells like mom, if she happen to be in the front seat.

3. The number two suggestion bring me to the third. If you baby is having a hard time with the drive, have mom or dad get in the back seat to entertain and be present. Note: Hana is a winding road, so make sure you dont take your eyes off the road too long to entertain as you will likely get car sick.

4. Music can have a major effect on the trip. Make sure you bring some comforting songs or melody's. This will help create a safe and comforting space your baby can enjoy and quickly acclimate to.  

I hope these baby travel tips will help you on your adventure!