Renting a Twin Blow Up Mattress on Maui - Do's and Don'ts

Planning to rent a twin blow up mattress on Maui?

So many people are looking to rent a mattress for their vacation. Whether they want one to get a better sleep, whether they need one to deal with bed allergies or whether they require to set up an extra place to sleep for a short term visitor, air mattresses have slowly but surely become one of our most popular items to rent on Maui.

Regardless on the type of blow up mattress on Maui you're about to book for your stay, there are a few guidelines you should respect once you get your hands on your new rental. Without further ado, here are the do's and don'ts to keep in mind the next time you rent an air mattress.

Rent a Mattress on Maui

1. Don't use sharp objects near your twin blow up mattress on Maui

Using sharp objects near a blow up mattress can easily lead to it... blowing up. So try to avoid it. Temporary repair kits may work to fix it for the time being, but you'd still need to contact the vacation gear rental company, choose another mattress and be there when you need to have it delivered.

To avoid wasting time on your vacation, just make sure you empty your pockets from sharp objects before you lay down on your air mattress.

2. Do: keep your air mattress inflated while you use it

There's no need to deflate the mattress in the morning and inflate it every night. You can avoid wasting all this time and just keep it inflated for the whole duration of your stay.

3. Don't blow too much air into your air mattress

Inflating your twin blow up mattress on Maui to it's maximum capacity is not a good idea. Our air mattress rentals come equipped with a small electric pump that can inflate your improvised bed in less than a minute. However, try not to fill it with air to maximum capacity, so you won't stress the seams too much and cause it to rupture.

4. Do: deflate your twin air mattress on Maui if you plan an overnight trip

If you plan to stay in the same accommodation rental for the duration of your stay, then leave the twin blow up mattress on Maui inflated. However, if you plan on going camping, taking the air mattress with you may come in handy.

If you plan an overnight stay in a camping site on Maui, make sure to deflate your mattress so you can easily transport it to your destination.

5. Don't allow your pet to sleep on the blow up mattress

If at home, you allow your pet to sleep or sit with you in the same bed, it may not be a good idea to allow them to do that here. At Maui Vacation Equipment, we love all animals! However, any pet with sharp claws can easily put a whole in your air bed.

Avoid the hassle of having to rent another one by simply keeping your four-pawed friend away from your twin blow up mattress on Maui.