Vacations on Maui with Kids - Pro Tips for Parents to Keep in Mind

Vacations on Maui with kids make for wonderful experiences, especially for the little ones! The beaches, the sun, the fun.. both the parents and the kids are definitely in for a treat once they realize what Maui has to offer!

Unfortunately, traveling with kids can be quite a challenge, especially if they're not used to traveling long distance yet. Kids may get tired rather quickly and it's not uncommon for parents to get frustrated too, even on vacation.

That said, here are our top tips that should help you handle the ups and downs of vacations on Maui with kids.

Vacations in Maui with Children

1. Prepare for emergencies on your vacations on Maui with kids

Safety first! Even though vacations were 'invented' for you to relax, traveling with kids isn't always easy, so you should always be prepared to emergencies.

First, if you're flying here from the mainland or even from outside the U.S., keep in mind that the area code for the State of Hawaii is (808) and the country code is (1).

Now, we all know how to call 911, but it can't hurt to have another few numbers handy, just in case. Look up the numbers from the hospitals in your area, save the number for the airport you're going to fly to and of course, have the number of your pediatrician from home saved into your phone. You never know if you may need to 'bother' him for something.

2. Be ready for when your kids throw a tantrum on vacation

You came on vacation to relax, but uh-oh! Just when you thought everything was perfect, your kid decided to throw a tantrum.

Don't worry, these things happen.

Maybe your child misses the comfort of their own home. Or maybe, they just love the beach so much they simply don't want to go back to the hotel! We're sure you know how to handle these types of situations at home. Well, handling them here is not much different.

What we're saying is, even though vacations on Maui with kids are supposed to be a time to have fun, you should be prepared for the unexpected: pack extra diapers for your baby outings around Maui, have enough wet wipes and clothes for your toddler and or course, arm yourself with lots of patience.

3. Communicate and let your kiddo in on your plans for the day

In order for your vacations to be perfect, make sure you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to planning your day.

If one parent gets the kid excited about a trip to be beach, but the other parent decides to go on a hike, your child may not like being confused about what's gonna happen that day.

Traveling with a child is different than traveling alone, so let your child now about your traveling plans and be consistent.

4. Try not to skip naptime for the little one

When it comes to vacations on Maui with kids, remember not to plan too much every day and let your child get some rest.

If you're traveling with your baby or toddler, you can rent a crib, complete with a comfortable mattress, and allow your child to nap comfortably, just like at home! In addition, you can rent a deluxe pack and play, so that your baby can have a safe place to play on your 'rest days' on Maui.