Visiting Maui with Kids - Tips to Prepare the Kids for the Trip

Are you visiting Maui with kids? That's fantastic! There are tons of thing to do in Maui with your family and a lot of ways to plan the best trip possible!

Regardless if you visit Maui with your newborn baby or with older kids, here's a list of tips to help you prepare for your trip and make visiting Maui with kids a wonderful experience!

Kids Trip to Maui

Planning your trip to Maui with kids

If you're visiting Maui with kids, you need to start preparing in advance, make plans for your trip and decide which items you should pack and which to rent.

Traveling with children ca be a wonderful experience, but not if you have to haul too many suitcases through the airport!

That in mind, here's a list of tips to help you prepare for your trip in advance:

1. Plan activities that are appropriate for the kids - If your kids can't swim yet, you should probably wait on planning their first snorkeling experience. When you're visiting Maui with kids, keep in mind that you should plan activities on the island that are age appropriate and that you're sure your kids will enjoy.

2. Make your kids feel included in the trip planning process - If you plan a vacation on Maui for the family, then it makes sense to allow your children to make some of the minor decisions. For instance, allow your young children to decide which toy will be joining you on your vacation. And when it comes to teenagers, allow them to propose or vote for family friendly activities you'd like to experience on the island.

3. Make a list of the kid's gear you want to rent - When you're traveling with children, it's easy to get carried away and pack the whole house to take with you. Remember, you can always rent baby equipment on Maui or kid's gear that you need for your trip!

At Maui Vacation Equipment, we have a wide variety of rentals that can accommodate all your baby / toddler needs. You can rent a car seat for your baby, strollers, cribs equipped with mattresses, baby beach rentals, kid's camping gear and lots of other equipment that can come in handy during your trip.

Tips for a great first flight with your little ones

If this is the first time you travel with your kids, you should definitely be prepared. For instance, some children cry during the flight, so make sure you have either some lollipops on you or toys to distract them. For older kids, consider bringing along your tablet or laptop so that they can watch a movie. Long flights can be tiresome and quite the boring experience for kids.

What to do after visiting Maui with kids

Every vacation must come to an end, that's a sad fact. But you can still keep the vacation spirit alive after your trip.

While you're visiting Maui with kids, make sure you take lots of pictures so that your little ones can make a scrapbook after you get home. And make sure to take a trip to the souvenir shop while you're still in Maui so that you and your kids will have something to remember the island by and maybe.. plan a new trip here for your next vacation!