Stand Up Paddle Surfboard / SUP Board

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IMPORTANT: Always check the current ocean and weather conditions before entering the water. Speak with a lifeguard tower to see where is best to enter and exit the water. Ocean waves, ocean currents and trade-winds can be strong and unperdictable, so always keep alert.


  • 9’6” in length
  • Adjustable paddle
  • Ankle Leash
  • Storage Strap
  • Weight: 25.1lbs
  • 250 lbs Weight Limit
  • Aluminum Paddle w/ Plastic Blade

Wavestorm is the number one brand name in surfboard fun. Wavestorm Surfboards and SUP's / Stand Up Paddle Boards have the agility of the traditional hard fiberglass or epoxy SUP boards, but better safety with its softer foam exterior and slick bottom for better gliding over the water. 

Note from the Maui Vacation Equipment employees: As the majority of us were born and raised on Maui and grew up surfing and SUPing, we unanimously chose these boards to carry in our inventory. The Wavestorm boards are fun, they glide well, they are much lighter to carry into the water than a traditional SUP, and they are more forgiving if you get bumped by your board in our out of the water.