Mobility Scooter - Pride I-Go

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The i-Go™ Folding Scooter is the latest super portable mobility device by Pride Mobility and will open your Maui vacation to new experiences. It folds down for easy stowing, disassembles into two pieces that weigh just 32 pounds each and is one of the most portable, travel-friendly devices that provides all-day power and mobility.

For a visual demonstration of scooter functionality, please see video links below:

1. Video Link

2. Video Link

Top Speed

4 Mph



Turning Radius


Seat Dimensions

16" x 16"


Total Scooter weight is 60.6 lbs without batteries. Battery weight is additional 4.8 lbs. Entire scooter can be dismantled in to two pieces, with the heaviest piece being 30.8 lbs. 


up to 9.3 miles


275 lbs

  • -Storage in base of scooter, seat folds neatly on top with cargo net covering
  • -Compact and less than 12” high when separated and seat back removed
  • -Easily towable like a suitcase
  • -Not for use on sand, beaches or sold soil.
  • -4 day minimum rental period 
  • -Foldable seat with removable base cushion and seat back
  • -Telescoping and angle adjustable tiller, lowest position used for storage and the highest used for driving and towing
  • -Perforated rear rubber tires
  • -Airline-compliant lithium-ion battery
  • -LED headlight
  • -USB charging port in console
  • -Spacious foot and passthrough room
  • -2-speed selector switch