5 Tips for your first visit to Hawaii

1. Its a good idea to plan some activities ahead of time, but leave some time every day to allow for unanticipated adventures or attractions you discover after you arrive.

2. Don't over pack your bags. If you absolutely need the item while you're here, its more than likely you will be able to find it while on vacation. In addition, you will have extra space in your bag to bring home souvenirs!

3. The sun is more powerful in Hawaii than you might expect. Use sunscreen! Lots of sunscreen.  

4. Many people enjoy sitting on the beach in front of their resort. That is perfectly ok and exactly what you should be doing on vacation. But, the vast majority of the visitors we speak to are overwhelming happy with their decision to get off the beaten path at least once during their vacation.

5. Connect with a local. Whether you speak with a food server, shopkeeper, or a local family at the beach, you will feel a richer connection to the island if you speak to locals.