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Expose yourself to a new Maui experience! - Food Trucks for the entire Family

Maui has countless restaurants with amazing awards and stunning build outs to impress anyone who walks through their doors. Maui also has a growing number of Road Side Food Trucks (as it seems everywhere in the world does) and Food Truck Parks all over the island. Now days you will find 5 star resort quality plates pumping out of these small kitchens on wheels all over Maui. Simply google your general area here on Maui and, 'Food truck' and you'll be able to find a grouping of trucks to feed everyone from the grandparents to the kids for a price tag of $8 - $23 per person.  Its also worth noting as a former restaurant manager, that these food trucks...

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Sunset Date Night Idea on Maui

There are plenty of nice restaurants and beaches on Maui to watch the sunset, but if you're looking for a more unique experience, then look no further than Crater Road. Just off the side of the winding road is an amazing view point to set up a couple beach chairs and enjoy the sunset from a view that's arguably more impressive than any other location on Maui. There is a chance you may get some cloud cover, but even if that happens, its still a great spot to relax and gaze over the open fields of green grass. If you decide to make the journey, along with chairs, I would suggest bringing a blanket or two (hotel comforter), warm clothes,...

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5 Tips for your first visit to Hawaii

1. Its a good idea to plan some activities ahead of time, but leave some time every day to allow for unanticipated adventures or attractions you discover after you arrive. 2. Don't over pack your bags. If you absolutely need the item while you're here, its more than likely you will be able to find it while on vacation. In addition, you will have extra space in your bag to bring home souvenirs! 3. The sun is more powerful in Hawaii than you might expect. Use sunscreen! Lots of sunscreen.   4. Many people enjoy sitting on the beach in front of their resort. That is perfectly ok and exactly what you should be doing on vacation. But, the vast...

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