5 Best Beaches On Maui

A trip to the beautiful island of Maui with your kids without a trip to the beaches is an incomplete experience. Maui’s beaches are beautiful, breathtaking, and most are perfect for families. Better still, if you intend to snorkel and sunbath on the beach, there are so many options to choose from. However, the following are the best beaches on the island regardless of how you intend to have fun.

Maui’s Best Beaches

                           Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is one of the most well-known beaches across the island of Maui. The beach is home to more than three miles of crystalline water and white sand on West Maui. One of the most exciting activities on Kaanapali Beach is cliff diving from cliffs that are nearby known as Black Rock or Puuu Kekaa.

Kaanapali beach is also a perfect spot for unwinding, and swimming. Kaanapali Beach was once named America’s best Beach and as Hawaii’s first planned resorts it has been a blueprint for resorts all over the world.

Kapalua Beach

Kapalua Beach isn’t just one of Maui’s most beautiful beaches, it is also one of the most well know beaches in all of Hawaii. Considering its beautiful sand and well maintained bay lined by palm trees and lava rock, Kapalua beach has been consistently rated among the top beaches across the United States by several publications.

This beautiful northwestern beach, nestled just few minutes from the historic whaling port of Lahaina, is a favorite for many families with kids. The placid waters make swimming a fun activity for families. While the natural tide pools give kids the chance to see marine creatures up close.

You can rent a beach deluxe package to make your entire family experience at Kapalua Beach an exciting and memorable one. You can as well opt for baby beach toys or take a look at a collection of Maui baby rentals. If you visit Maui during the winter months, odds are you will see whales migrating in the deeper waters. More so, there’s a nearby Shopping Village and hotels where you can dine and get entertained.  

Makena Beach Park (Big Beach)

Makena Beach Park, otherwise known as the Big Beach, stretches across a mile and half of golden sands and beautiful waves which make you feel like surfing right away.  

When the waves are small, the beach is a perfect spot to sit back and relax. Makena Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the entire state of Hawaii. This beautiful beach provides public showers and restrooms for beach goers. No doubt, Makena is one of the best beaches on Maui.  

Keawakapu Beach

Settled between Kihei and Wailea is Keawakapu Beach is a largely residential strip of sand. Keawakapu transforms into a premium sunbathing haven once you’re ready to explore it. Surrounded by exotic homes, Keawakapu is usually less crowed perhaps because of the absence of life guards. The waters are also unpredictable for surfing.

To make Keawakapu Beach’s reef habitat more beautiful, an underwater non-natural reef (made up of car bodies) was created in 1963. This underwater artificial reef makes the Keawakapu Beach a typical sought-after dive spot.

Kaihalulu Beach

Nestled at the base of a lava cinder cone that transforms the beach’s sand into a rust-red color. Kaihalulu serene protected water is one of the most photogenic across the island of Maui and is perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

However, you should stay away from the cliff-jumpers at both side of the cove. This is one of the beaches where you can relax with your loved ones and kids.