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Staying safe in Hana, Maui - Tips and Rules

There are plenty of obvious rules about driving, hiking and swimming around Hana, Maui, but as someone born and raised here on Maui, there are few rules for Hana trips that might not be so obvious. These rules will keep you safe from a personal safety standpoint, as well as general embarrassment. I won't sugarcoat too much, so let's get to to the details!   Waterfalls: You can’t enjoy a day in Hana without stopping at a waterfall, as its a main reason anyone makes the journey. You're now thinking I'm going to tell you all about checking the landing zone of where you are about to jump from. Yes, that’s very important as sticks, trees and rocks move into...

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5 Best Beaches On Maui

A trip to the beautiful island of Maui with your kids without a trip to the beaches is an incomplete experience. Maui’s beaches are beautiful, breathtaking, and most are perfect for families. Better still, if you intend to snorkel and sunbath on the beach, there are so many options to choose from. However, the following are the best beaches on the island regardless of how you intend to have fun. Maui’s Best Beaches                            Kaanapali Beach Kaanapali Beach is one of the most well-known beaches across the island of Maui. The beach is home to more than three miles of crystalline water and white sand on West Maui....

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Maui Family Beach Day - Tips and Gear Guide

There are a few things to consider bringing with you to any Maui beach you decide to visit. Having been born and raised on Maui, you would think I have a pretty concrete packing list, but there are still things I forget. Below is a list that will span the needs for a solo day trip to the beach, to a day with the entire family.

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