3 Things You Should Know About Car Seat Safety on Maui

Traveling to Maui with your baby? Then you should definitely rent a car seat for your little one if you plan on driving while you're here and learn as much as you can about car seat safety on Maui!

Car safety is definitely one of the most debated topics when it comes to traveling. Should you rent a car for your vacation? And if you do, should you rent a baby seat or is it better to pack the one you have at home?

There are millions of car accidents that happen every year so, of course, parents should ensure the safest transportation conditions for their little ones, especially when they're on vacation. Thankfully, car manufacturers are already increasing the safety features on the new car models they release and there are also a variety of car seats you can invest in to help you travel safely with your baby.

That in mind, here's what to pay attention to when it comes to car seat safety on Maui, if you're traveling with your little one.

Baby Car Seat Safety

1. You can get a car seat for your baby as soon as you get to Maui

If you plan on flying to Maui, you can forget about hauling a car seat through the airport. Truth be told, it's just not worth it. Instead, you can do your research ahead of time and look for car seats for babies that you can rent!

At Maui Vacation Equipment, we offer car seat rentals for your little one that are safe, easy to install and can ensure smooth travels for you and your little one.

2. Make sure the car seat you rent is safe for your baby

More often than not, parents chose to rent a car seat at the very last minute. If that happens, it can be so easy to forget to check certain car seat features!

  • 5 point harness - Not all car seats are the same. So if you're looking for the safest option for your kiddo, make sure you rent a car seat for your baby with a 5 point harness.
  • Compatibility - Is the car seat you've just rented easy to install? Is it compatible with the car you've rented? Needless to say, but do make sure you can safely install the car seat for your baby!
  • Head support - Often times, parents prefer to rent booster seats for their baby when they travel. However, when it comes to car seat safety on Maui, we strongly recommend you rent a highback booster car seat that offers head support for your little one.

3. Car seat safety on Maui: install the car seat in the back of the car

Although some parents prefer to allow their kid to ride in the front, we strongly recommend that you install the car seat in the back of the car. More precisely, the safest place to install a car seat is in the middle spot, away from the side airbags. But of course, if that's not a possibility, you can place it on either side of the backseat.