Looking to go Camping on Maui? - Common Questions and Advice

If you're looking for some ideas of where to go camping while on Maui, please see our list of campgrounds by clicking here.

I receive many of the same questions as a camping rental equipment company here on Maui, so here are a few bullets to help you in making decisions as to where you may want to camp, and what you'll need to bring:

  • If you're bringing your own gear, be sure to check the elevation and average temperatures to make sure you're bringing an adequate sleeping bag. Maui ranges from 20 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, depending if you're camping near the beach, or up near Haleakala Crater. If you plan to rent gear, its a good idea  to mention (in the notes section of your cart, if you're renting from us) as to your planned location so we may supply the correct sleeping bag temperature rating. 
  • If your going to camp in Hana, Maui, Id say there is a 90% chance you will get some rain at some point while your out there. Even if you're going for just one night. Plan your Maui rain forest gear accordingly with some shoes or sandals that can get wet, and a rain jacket. Now you're thinking, "meh, i don't want to get wet!" Well, wet means the waterfalls are running well and its beautiful. So, just make the 3 hour journey, spend a night or two and enjoy one of the most peaceful places on earth.
  • Cell phone service: If you're camping in Haleakala crater, you will not have cell service. You will have some cell service at Kipahulu and Wainapanapa campgrounds in Hana, but it will be a bit spotty and you will not have any service on the 3 hour drive out to Hana (I have Verison, but ive heard AT&T works similar in Hana). Camp Olowalu is a private campground which has spotty cell service, but they do have wifi.  Hosmers Grove in the National park does have decent cell service.
  • Be safe and stick with the campgrounds that are designated for camping. Don't choose some random Maui beach or property that looks nice. Police or a local will get you to move in the middle of the night and there goes your serenity. 
  • Kipahulu and Wainapanapa have bathrooms and grills for cooking, but you will need to bring your own coals, matches and lighter fluid.

Hope this helps!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or feel free to visit our camping rental collection at Maui Vacation Equipment