Maui Baby Beaches

Maui has many great beaches for families with young babies and toddlers, but there are three specific beaches that stand out among the rest. All three are know for having good weather, soft sand, and an outer reef or wall to shelter the coastal sand from waves.


Launiupoko Beach

Located just a few minutes from Lahaina town (click here for google map), Launiupoko Beach Park is a perfect location to allow your young one to dip in the calm water, which is sheltered by a rock wall, while also allowing an expansive grassy area for picnics under the tall, mature shade trees. Note: If the parking is full within the beach parking, you may park across the street from the stop light. 

Maui Beaches for families with a babyMaui Beaches for families with a babyMaui Beaches for families with a baby


Baby Beach Lahaina

Great sand on a nice stretch of protected beach. Also a nice spot for little ones to meet each other. The only drawback is the parking for this location (click here for google map). On weekends and the busy season, it can be hard to find a parking spot, so its recommended to arrive early in the day. 

Maui Baby BeachMaui Baby BeachMaui Baby Beach


Baby Beach Paia

Located on Maui's North Shore, just a one minute drive from Paia town is a sheltered white sand beach area that is popular with locals and visitors. Access to the beach is easiest through the neighborhood of Spreckelsville (click here for google map), but can also be accessed by walking 15 mins down the beach from the Baldwin Beach Parking lot. Parking is rarely an issue, but the wind can be. So, check the weather forecast for wind over 20 mph. Below 20 mph, the baby beach area typically gives a good enough wind break to enjoy this fantastic baby beach.  

Maui baby beachMaui Baby Beach PaiaMaui baby beach North shore

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