Tips for a Restful Nights Sleep with your Baby

Looking for some tips on how to get you baby to sleep a little better at night, so you can do a little of the same? I've compiled a few tips I have read and heard about as rental business focusing on the needs of your baby while on vacation. 

  • White Noise - Use a standing fan to create white noise in the room. No need to place the fan in the direction of the baby, but use the humming of the fan to drown out any background noise that might wake your baby.
  • Nap and Bedtime routines - Whether your on vacation or at home, do your best to have a routine for naps and night time sleeping. 
  • Study Sleep - Read up on how babies sleep. Some say you want to stimulate your baby prior to sleeping so that they will sleep longer. It has been shown that trying to stimulate and tire your baby before rest may result in a shorter sleep cycle. So, read some new studies on sleeping habits and patterns of how your baby might be sleeping.
  • Swaddle - Babies up to 6 months often wake due to reactive jerking movements while sleeping. You can help your baby by swaddling them, which helps prevent those sudden jerking moments. 

Hope some of these quick tips will help you while your visiting here on Maui, or wherever you live around the globe. Mahalo!