Baby Beach Rentals in Maui - Top Tips To Have A Good Time at the Beach

If you're planning to spend time with your little one at the beach on vacation, you're probably looking for the best baby beach rentals in Maui, right?

You're in luck! At Maui Vacation Equipment, we have an entire collection of beach rentals for your baby that can transform an ordinary beach day into a wonderful experience for the whole family.

Keep reading to find out what essential baby beach rentals in Maui you should consider booking and learn some great tips to maximize the fun as you're spending a fun day under the Hawaiian Sun.

Beach Rentals for Babies

Reserve your baby beach rentals in Maui in advance

In order to make sure the baby beach rentals in Maui you really want are available, it doesn't hurt to 'do your homework' and book them in advance. And as you do your research and choose which beach rentals you want to book for your baby, here are our top suggestions:

Baby beach toys - rent a set of beach toys so your little one can have fun playing in the sand;
Beach shade cabana - need to find a place in the shade? Get a family sized shade cabana. Problem solved!
Beach mat - not exactly a baby specific rental product, but as you choose your baby beach rentals in Maui, get a beach mat so you can all have a comfortable place to lay on the beach;
Quart cooler - last but not least, don't forget to rent a quart cooler so you can keep your snacks and beverages cool throughout the day.

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Choose a beach with a lifeguard if it makes you feel safe

Not all beaches in Maui are the same, but if you feel more comfortable, you can choose a beach with a lifeguard on duty.

Try to arrive early, a parking spot may be difficult to find

Beaches in Maui are public property, so parking nearby may be tricky. If you're traveling with your baby and don't plan on hauling your beach gear long distance, try to arrive early so you can find a parking spot.

Choose the right beach to visit if you travel with a baby

Just like choosing the right baby beach rentals in Maui, you should also 'do your homework' and choose an appropriate beach. Sandier beaches are a good choice, whereas visiting a beach with rocky shorelines may not be the ideal place to relax with a baby.

Get the right sunscreen and don't forget to re-apply it periodically

Did you know that Hawaii is the first state to ban Sunscreen that isn't coral reef friendly? That in mind, make sure you choose a reef safe SPF sunscreen and don't forget to apply it regularly.

Bring enough snacks and water for you and for your baby

If you plan on spending at least a few hours or the entire day at the beach, make sure you have enough snacks and water for the entire family. After all, that's why you've rented a quart cooler, right?