Best Baby Beach Toys on Maui to Rent for Your Vacation

Spending time at the beach with your kids is one of the most exciting and memorable experience you can have on Maui. While parents have so many options of how to have fun on the beach, kids have only a few compared to adults. However, there are several different ways your kids can have fun on the beach. One very good option is playing with baby beach toys on Maui.

Good news is you don’t have to bother about bringing your baby’s toys all the way from home to the beach. Also, you don’t have to bother about buying new toys for your kids just because you’re going on vacation on Maui. The best option is to rent baby beach toys on Maui and there are so many options to choose from.

Types of Baby Beach Toys On Maui

One of the best things about renting baby beach toys on Maui is the cost of renting the toys. For as little as $1 or even below you can rent baby beach toys on Maui for your kids to play with anywhere around the beach. If your kid loves playing with balls, you can rent the beach volleyball, beach football, leather ball, basketball, bocce ball, or even a soccer ball for your kid to play in the sand.

Maui baby beach toys

You can as well rent a baby or children toy set which contains 5 – 7 different toys. This gives your kid the option to play with several toys without getting bored. You shouldn’t skip renting a beach mat. Your kid should have a spot to relax after playing in the sand or shallow waters.

After spending some time in the sun, your kid may need to relax in a calm spot with a shade. You should consider renting a beach shade cabana which is perfect for kids. Other baby beach toys on Maui you can rent for your kid include beach paddle ball, binoculars, baby beach toys, Frisbee, and lots more.

Fishing pole and tackle box

If your kids enjoy fishing or if you want them to have a go at it, there are several places on the island of Maui where your kid can go fishing. Fortunately, the state of Hawaii is one of the states where a saltwater fishing license isn’t mandatory and there are no requirements on the types of polls or baits you can use for fishing.

This means your kid can start fishing as soon as you’re on the island of Maui. You can rent them a Fishing pole and tackle box and then walk into any supermarket to get a strip or squid as bait.

You can as well get a baby beach package which includes a variety of baby beach toys, two tommy bahama beach chairs, a family shade tent and a 28 quart cooler. You can check this collection of beach gear and snorkel rentals. It’s a combination of several items that can make your time at the beach with your kids an exciting and memorable one.