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Maui with Baby

Maui with Baby If traveling with an infant, bring a day or two of diapers and baby wipes and stop at Costco, Safeway or Foodland to pickup a bulk package. Don't waste your luggage wait on items you can easily pickup here on Maui at a fairly similar price than home. Be mindful of bringing noisy toys on the plane. The airplane noise can cover much of the noise, but best to bring some simple, quiet toys if possible. If you're renting a crib of pack and play, your young one will often sleep better if you bring your sheet from home, so they acclimate better to sleeping in a new environment that first, second and third night to start...

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Looking to rent a baby or toddler car seat on Maui? - Advice

If you're visiting Maui and just realized how much it costs to rent a car seat for your infant, toddler or child from a Maui car rental company, this should help. In my own research, I've seen and also heard from clients that they spend almost as much on a car seat through an airport car rental service than the daily car rental price itself. While I don't know the reason for the hefty prices, I can suggest our alternative: Just 3-4 mins from the airport, Maui Vacation Equipment has a locker system, which allows clients the flexibility to pickup their baby car seats (or any other baby rental equipment) with the added flexibility of timing. In this way, you...

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Maui Family Beach Day - Tips and Gear Guide

There are a few things to consider bringing with you to any Maui beach you decide to visit. Having been born and raised on Maui, you would think I have a pretty concrete packing list, but there are still things I forget. Below is a list that will span the needs for a solo day trip to the beach, to a day with the entire family.

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