Baby Camping Gear in Maui - 10 Essential Items for Your Trip

Planning your first outdoor adventure with the newest addition to your family? You must be wondering what baby camping gear on Maui you should rent and what essentials you should make sure not to forget to pack for your trip!

Keep reading to find out what are the top 10 most important items you should get for your first camping adventure with your baby.

Baby Camping Equipment in Maui

1. Get a car seat before you search for baby camping gear on Maui

First things first: make sure you rent a car seat for your baby if you plan on driving to your destination. Renting the right baby camping gear on Maui is a must, but keeping your little one safe should be your n.1 priority.

2. Find the right sized tent for your family

Whether or not you plan to spend the night at the camping site, you should think about getting the right seized tent for your family. It will help you sleep tight during the night and will come in handy when it's nap time for your baby.

3. Rent a baby sleeping bag for your trip

Maui may be famous for its sunny weather, but you never know if the weather might get cold. Make sure you rent a comfy sleeping bag for your baby and maybe even for yourself if you plan on sleeping at the camping site.

4. Make sure you pack enough diapers and clothes for your baby

Needless to say, don't forget to pack enough diapers, onesies, socks and warm clothes for your baby.

5. Rent a baby carrier for your camping trip

If you're going camping, you're probably also plan to hike. When renting your baby camping gear on maui, make sure you get a baby carrier backpack for your trip so you'll have a comfortable way to take the little one with you as you hike.

6. Don't forget the essential toiletries at home

Bug spray, baby cream, sunscreen and other essential toiletries should not be left at home. Chances are you'll need them in the great outdoors!

7. Don't forget to rent a set of baby toys to keep the little one entertained

In order to keep your little one from getting bored on your camping trip, you could rent a set of baby toys. It may come in handy if you're looking for ways to keep your newborn entertained.

8. If your baby is old enough to go potty, rent one for your trip

Although there's nothing more natural than hiding behind a bush, you may not want to put potty training on pause for your baby. If that's the case, make sure you rent a potty for your camping trip. 

9. Rent a light weight stroller in Maui for your baby

If necessary, you could rent a stroller for your baby. It may come in handy if you're looking to avoid plants that will cause irritation or a tripping hazard.

10. Rent a baby beach package if you plan on going camping near the beach

If your camping spot is near the beach, you should think about renting a beach baby package for your little one. Check out our selection of baby beach gear and make sure you plan an awesome camping trip for you and for your family.